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ReBuildUp’s Content Service allows you to schedule food infographics branded with your logo and preferred social media URL to post each day to your company’s Facebook or Twitter with just a click and a copy+paste
(no password sharing)

The infographics feature research backed health benefits that give your customers one more reason to pick up a pound of carrots (known cancer fighter), grab some cherries (great for relieving muscle soreness), and get a bushel of kale (maintains strong bones). The average food has 3-10 health benefits and new images are added weekly based on your requests.

For added benefit, time your infographic posts with in store specials on the vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and their vitamin supplement equivalent profiled in the images.

The goal is to continue building your customer base with eye catching and informative health content that makes them look forward to seeing your posts, share them with others, and give them another reason to shop in your store for these foods.


After filling out your infographic schedule for the week, you’ll receive a link the following Monday. Simply Click the Link, Copy the image URL that comes up in your browser, and Paste it into your Facebook or Twitter with your description. No need to share your social media passwords or other sensitive information.

We’ve come up with a three different genres with a few more in development that are used to share the health benefits of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices.

HEALTH TIPS (ht) – This is pretty straight forward with a short statement about the profiled food’s health benefits, a more in depth explanation of that benefit, and the two main vitamins or minerals it contains. Your logo is added to help you stand out in timeline feeds.

OCCUPATIONAL FOODS (of) – This segment focuses on occupations, the physical, mental, and emotional stresses that come with them, and the foods that can improve things. There’s a chance one of your customers knows someone with the profiled job and might share the image with them connecting your business to a potential customer in the process.

FOODS FOR WHERE YOU MIGHT GO (go) – This image series spotlights the cuisines of places foreign and domestic. Can’t make it to Greece? Why not do the next best thing and throw in some figs, basil, and oregano into tonight’s meal.

All images come with a disclaimer statement in the bottom left corner that the health content is for education purposes only and to consult a medical professional for health issues.


We’re offering three different plans focused on your budget and your need to save time (the one thing money can’t buy).

BASIC – Each day, receive an email with a link to an image to post on your social media for that day. It’s the cheapest and easiest plan to maintain.

PRO – Take a more active role in the images you receive by choosing your 7 day content in advance to line up with your store’s specials for the coming week. You can also suggest what new images you’d like to see made up in the near future.

PREMIUM – This is the PRO Plan plus you get ALL your 7 Day content at once on Mondays instead of manually posting each day of the week thanks to Facebook’s Scheduling Feature. With PREMIUM, you spend just 5-10 minutes on Monday scheduling your 7 infographic posts for the week and then you’re done to work on other things.

For more details and pricing, Contact Us here.

In the meantime, please sign up below to try out our Premium Plan for one week (starting next Monday).


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Use the drop down menus to schedule a food infographic for each day of the week beginning the following Monday.

The first half of each drop down menu is sorted alphabetically by food name and the second half is organized by genre:

- Foods for Where You Might Go (go)
- Health Tips (ht),
- Occupational Foods (of)

Occupational Foods (of) and Foods for Where You Might Go (go) both contain 2-3 foods in each image.

If you leave a drop down menu on "UNSELECTED" or select the same option for two or more days, we'll come up with an image to use for those days.

Our infographic catalog is based on your requests. Let us know what you and your customers want added (or more of) in the near future:

Curriculum Development focused on Health and Entrepreneurship