Business Layout

This form is for creating your Social Media Image using the Business Layout. “Business” is used as a general term throughout this form to refer to your Business, Non-Profit, Club, or unaffiliated Group. If you are a Private (Anonymous) Sponsor, you have completed the process and do not have to fill out this form.

Multiple Artwork
Did you purchase multiple Sponsor slots and want different information and/or artwork for each one? For example, you want a Halloween themed Sponsor image for your October slot and a Valentine themed image for your February slot.  If so, Contact Us.

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Business Layout

Click here if you want to replace Section  with your own 1080x400 jpeg image using online tools or your own image editing software.

Choose up to three types of Business Contact Info to put on lines 3-5. Examples of Contact Info include business phone, fax, website, email, physical address, social media site, and hashtag.

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