Custom Image

Create your own 1080×400 jpeg image to replace Section in your Social Media Image. You can do this using available graphic design software on your computer. If you don’t have this option, you’re in a rush, or not technology inclined, we recommend using Pixlr Express to drag and drop your way to a decent looking design.

1. Watch the above video for detailed instructions.

2. Highlight and Copy this url link in pink.

3. Paste this copied url into the home page of (flash based) to begin designing your artwork. If you need to use a different free editing program, you’ll find a list of options in this article.

4. Save your newly created artwork as a jpeg with your Business Name (example: AcmeHeatingandCooling.jpeg) or Title (example: JohnsTurningForty.jpeg).

4. Return to your Social Media Image Form to add your newly created jpeg file using the Browse… upload button.

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