Daily Sponsors

[More School Sponsor Opportunities will be posted as the
2017-2018 school year progresses.]

Health Tips

The CFMP is funded primarily by Businesses and Individuals who sponsor the daily Health Tips (HT) featured on the school’s Facebook page. The Health Tips are a daily infographic posted every day of the week from September until the end of the school year.

BG-Logo-200 The HT’s promote the health benefits of over 100 different vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices (including the ones grown in class). The primary vitamins and minerals of each food and research reference are included in every HT.

The goal is to help influence the shopping habits of parents so they can provide the healthiest options for their children when possible. We also hope it leads to parents encouraging their children to grow at home the foods grown in class through the CFMP.

Daily Sponsors

BG-Logo-200Sponsors can choose to sponsor a single day or more. The sponsored days are chosen by ReBuildUp or can decided by the sponsor for an extra cost based on date availability.  Each school listing will have a calendar with it to see what days are still available for sponsorship. Business sponsors can include their logo and business name on the right side of the Health Tip.

BG-Logo-285Individual sponsors can upload a picture or choose from available clip art to show above their short message celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, and the like. The uploaded images must be jpegs, gifs, or png’s square in shape. Non-square images will be rearranged to fit 225×225 pixels. For example, an 800×600 image will be scaled down to 225×169 pixels and centered in the image box.

BG-Logo-285Sponsors also have the option to be anonymous with just the school’s logo and the phrase “Anonymous Sponsor” shown below it. Choose from the schools available above or contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring more than 10 days, more than one school, want to pay by check and avoid the online PayPal fees, or have other requests.

Student Promo Materials (optional)

BG-Logo-200If approved by the school, Business Sponsors have the opportunity to showcase at their location student artwork related to the CFMP in the form of table toppers and/or flyers. The students who voluntarily take part are to be compensated with some form of gift certificate by the Business Sponsor. The Business Sponsor can decide which artwork to showcase.


We reserve the right to reject sponsorships we find unsuitable for our school partners. Examples of this would be alcohol advertising, political materials, and other potentially controversial products or services that might distract from our program’s focus on health and entrepreneurship.

If for some reason the program does not take place, sponsors will be given the option to redirect their funds towards another school or be refunded the amount paid minus processing and transaction fees.

Curriculum Development focused on Health and Entrepreneurship