School Payment Example

[This is the School Payment Page Example]

Here’s how to select your sponsored days and pay for them:

Step 1 – Choose “Any” or
“Specific” Days

If you don’t care what days you sponsor, go to the ANY DAYS drop down menu. If you want to reserve certain days, go to the SPECIFIC DATES drop down menu.

Step 2 – Choose Number of Days
Using your chosen drop down menu, select the number of days you’d like to sponsor. If you’re using the SPECIFIC DATES drop down menu, after selecting the number of days, write in the dates you want to sponsor under “List Specific Dates You Want to Sponsor. Click Here to see the School Calendar again in a separate tab to review available sponsor dates.

Step 3 – Choose Sponsor Type
You can decide to be Public or Anonymous with your sponsorship.  As a Public Sponsor, you’re chosen image, logo, clip art, message, and/or business name will be displayed on your sponsored Health Tip(s). If you choose Anonymous Sponsor, no image or typed information will be shown. Instead, you’ll just see the school logo and the phrase “Anonymous Sponsor” below it on the Health Tip.

Step 4 – Choose Payment
Pay with your Debit/Credit Card as a Guest or Login to your PayPal Account. There is a small transaction fee when paying online. Contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring more than 10 days, more than one school, want to pay by check to avoid the online PayPal fees, or have other requests.


ABC Elementary Daily Sponsor (Any Days) [Example only]
Sponsor Type

SPECIFIC DATES – Check School Calendar for available days.

ABC Elementary Daily Sponsor (Specific Dates) [Example only]
Sponsor Type
List Specific Dates You Want to Sponsor (Ex: 9/30/17, 10/17/17, 2/1/18)

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