Sponsors 2016-2017

We’re very grateful to the companies that step up
to sponsor programs throughout North Carolina.
Details about becoming a Sponsor for the
2017-2018 School Year can be found below.


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Becoming a Sponsor

Our Sponsors are what make the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) possible.  In appreciation, we provide each Sponsor with a Social Media Image to share on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram showcasing what students are Growing that week, a Health Tip about that food, along with an Advertisement or Message of your own.  Sponsors can have a different advertisement for each week they sponsor and online tools are provided after payment to create these ads. There are additional benefits based on the Sponsor Category you choose.

Sponsors can be businesses, non-profits, clubs, unaffiliated groups, families, or individuals.  Schools have the option to self sponsor (school funded without outside Sponsorship) and Sponsors have the option to be private/anonymous going without any public acknowledgement for their contribution (no social media image, etc.).

Sponsor Categories

BG-Logo-285 Micro-Sponsor is the most budget friendly option allowing you to sponsor by the week.  It comes with one Social Media Image for each week you sponsor.  It’s an affordable way to support the CFMP at all participating schools in your community.

BG-Logo-285Monthly Sponsor is a one month or more commitment.  In addition to getting a new Social Media Image for each of the four weeks per month, you get table toppers or flyers to put up at your business to spread the word offline about your community support.  Student artwork of what they’re growing at the time may be included in your social media & printed promotional materials.

BG-Logo-285Macro-Sponsor means you sponsor half or more of the program.  Along with the Social Media Images and Table Toppers/Flyers, you receive your logo on the official program crest.  You can also take part in a Referral Card program with the participating classes.  More about the Referral Card:

BG-Logo-285Similar to a school magazine drive, students have the option of becoming commission sales reps for their CFMP program sponsor. Students voluntarily sign up (student names are not shared with ReBuildUp or anyone outside the classroom) and are assigned a code in return.  This code is added to digital images and printable business cards they can share with family and friends for discounts at the Sponsor’s establishment.  This can also be setup as  an online promo code for web businesses.

BG-Logo-285Every time the Referral Card is used by a customer, the student receives a small commission.  The commission amount is decided by the sponsor.  If the student gets enough commissions, they’ll receive materials to make their own Portable Garden at home.  Portions of the money raised also go to the school at the end of each semester (January & May).

If interested, please Contact Us to learn more.

Social Media Image Layout

There are two Public Sponsor layouts (Business & Message) for you to choose from based on what you’re looking to do with your ad After purchasing your Sponsorship, you’ll be given tools to create your social media image using one of these two layouts. Sponsors who choose to be anonymous are Private Sponsors and don’t need to create a social media image.

BG-Logo-285Business Layout is generally used by businesses, non-profits, clubs, and unaffiliated groups looking to promote their product, service, discount, or event alongside their program sponsorship.  The Business Layout is setup like a business card with your optional logo on the left and a short description of what you’re offering on the right.

BG-Logo-285 Below that is your contact information like social media links, website, address, or anything else you want to include.  Click example on the right for a closer look at the layout.

BG-Logo-285Message Layout is typically used by individuals and families looking to share their message of congratulations and support.  This is ideal for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, remembrances, and the like thanks to more room at the bottom of the layout for text.  Your Message will appear with quotations (“”) around the text.

Businesses can still use the Message Layout, it just has less room for contact information. Click example on the right.




We reserve the right to reject sponsorships we find not suitable for our school partners.  Examples of this would be alcohol advertising, political materials, and other potentially controversial products or services that might distract from our program’s focus on health and entrepreneurship.

If for some reason the program does not take place, sponsors will be refunded the amount paid minus processing and transaction fees.

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