GrowBuckReBuildUp is focused on Filling the Opportunity Gap by bringing together institutions found in towns big and small to hear out the problems of neighbors and work towards solving their challenges while extending the opportunity to learn, gain resources, and have valuable experiences along the way. And with a little bit of Mental Fitness thrown in for when the going gets tough, this ReBuildUp system will strengthen your entire community.

GrowBuckBoth traditional and remote learners in grades 3rd-12th grades along with adults through a Small Business Class are all welcome to take part.

Pick and choose what parts of the ReBuildUp system you want to use in your classroom. Summaries and links are available below.

GrowBuckThe ReBuildUp Home & Class Kit is designed to accommodate players at home and students both in class and remote learning. This means it can be setup at home and brought to class later on and vice versa when needed. Players register their kits through their School to compete with other classrooms in up to three different Leagues. All players compete anonymously with no personal information collected by ReBuildUp.

Now in our 7th year, our Math & Science themed Leagues teach the soft skills that first time employers and internship providers are seeking. These skills include Project Management, Dealing with Adversity (Food Growing League), Accounting, Salesmanship (GrowBuck League), Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving (League of Solutions).

GrowBuckThe Discount Network is a new feature we’re testing out to get needed resources to classrooms faster through a partnership with local businesses. It’s similar to a school magazine drive, but on a local level. The DN is setup to enhance the GrowBuck League by providing players with real world items to buy and sell using their GrowBucks.

GrowBuckSchool and Business Partners can share posts thanks to ReBuildUp’s Solution Network.

This internal Network allows Instructors and Players to make requests that businesses can reply to by posting

Project Resources offering needed items, Market Space to give players a place to show off, Employment Opportunities for those looking for internships and jobs, Community Challenges along with possible solutions in the Idea Market.

GrowBuckBusinesses and classrooms have the option to be part of , which is an assembly of problem solvers who try to improve or solve local problems sent to them by people in their area. These problems are turned into Community Challenges reviewed by businesses on their own or in partnership with players from participating classrooms. Coming Soon

Businesses with ideas can test out their solution to see if it works while promoting their company in the process. Classrooms can team up with a business by helping with the solution test. In return for their help, the business will promote their class id.

Proven solutions can be sold or shared for free with Local Congress members in other cities. Players who come up with a successful solution on their own can contract with a business partner to sell their idea while giving the player a percentage of each sale.

Our History

Founded March 1st, 2014, we started out offering only financial literacy games. Our first year saw ReBuildUp’s games played by over 500 participants, many of them inner city youth, in over 37 events throughout the Greensboro-Triad region of North Carolina. We had our 50th event on August 29th, 2015. Food growing was added in the 2nd year as we shifted to working primarily with schools, especially those in food deserts. In 2021, we’re finally able to roll out our complete “ReBuildUp System.”

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