RBU-cd-Logo-285“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

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crest-cfmp-285Because Education Creates Jobs, ReBuildUp, LLC specializes in developing Health & Job related Curriculum for Elementary through High School.

Now in our 5th year, our Math & Science themed programs teach the soft skills that first time employers and internship providers are seeking.

GrowBuckThese skills include Project Management (Food Growing League), Accounting, Salesmanship (GrowBuck), and Respectful Communication (Local Congress) in Project Based Learning, Gamification, and Service Learning formats. Program summaries are available below.

GrowBuckDesigned for 3rd-12th grades, the Food Growing League (FGL) lets students practice their MATH and SCIENCE skills with the hands on activity of competitive food growing in the classroom. The Spring Season allows students to sell their plants in a Mother’s Day School Fundraiser.

GrowBuckGrowBuck (GB) is an attendance, economics, and job training program all rolled into one. Based on our 2014 Economy, Jr. program, the mission is to create a micro economy on campus that mirrors the real world as close as possible allowing students to practice buying and selling, future part time jobs/careers,  and more.

GrowBuckLocal Congress (LC) allows the next generation of workers currently in middle and high school to exchange their views with business owners allowing both groups to learn from the other in a respectful manner. This is done  by having students and business owners take turns as “extra” US Congress members surveying their piers and casting votes on current business legislation.

Our History

Founded March 1st, 2014, we started out offering only financial literacy games.  Our first year saw ReBuildUp’s games played by over 500 participants, many of them inner city youth, in over 37 events throughout the Greensboro-Triad region of North Carolina.  We had our 50th event on August, 29th, 2015.  Food growing was added in the 2nd year as we worked more with schools located in Food Deserts.

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