Classroom to Food Pantry Pipeline (CFPP)

Crest--CFFP-New-285[Availability depends on the food grown for donation policies of your local Health Department]

The Classroom To Food Pantry Pipeline (CFPP) is one of our Service Learning programs that connects classrooms with nearby food pantries.  Your School can now grow and harvest inexpensive pesticide free produce on a monthly basis September through May to make a big impact on food insecurity in your community.  It is similar to our CFMP.


In addition to growing food, this program emphasizes Nutrition Education for both students and food pantry recipients (can also mean the families of students in need if your school already participates in a backpack for the needy program or similar effort).


This is done by encouraging students to research healthy foods and design posters promoting the benefits of eating healthy to put up at the pantry and on campus.


The CFPP is a fun classroom assignment for all grade levels.  Students can track growth, harvest yields, develop scaled up models, and more.  Add a CFPP to your classroom and even integrate it into the lesson plan.  CFPP’s work well as part of Math, Science, Family Consumer Sciences, Agriculture, and Analytical/Data Collection oriented classes.  Let us know what class you teach and we’ll help come up with a lesson plan if needed.


For example, here are Students in a Scientific and Technical Visualization (SciVis) Class charting growth rates based on bag weight.


The CFFP is made up of four parts: Portable Garden (different sizes), Bottle Drive, Food Slip, and Bottle Grower.


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for details about involving your classroom, school, food pantry, or congregation.

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