Specific Date Sponsor Payment

Step 1 – Choose Number of Days
Using the drop down menu, select the number of days you’d like to sponsor (example: 3 Days – $15).

Step 2 – Choose Specific Dates
Now that you’ve selected the number of days to sponsor, type in the dates for those days (example: 10/17, 11/12, 1/31). Refer back to the calendar for your school to make sure the dates you’re choosing are available for sponsorship.

Step 3 – Choose Payment
Pay with your Debit/Credit Card as a Guest or Login to your PayPal Account. Contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring more than one school, more than 10 days, a Day of the Week, an entire month, want to pay by check instead of online through PayPal, or have other requests.

Daily Sponsor (Specific Dates)
List Specific Dates to Sponsor

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