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Now entering the third year of our in class food growing program the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP), we’re ready to take the next step into creating a way for classes across the state to find out who has the best Classroom Farmers .

crest-cfmp-285January 2018 will begin  the inaugural season of the Food Growing League (FGL).

Just like before, CFMP classes will split into teams of 2 or 3 to grow each month’s food. The harvest weights are still recorded to determine the best team in the classroom and reward them with extra food growing materials to take home.  For the FGL, the instructor will send in a copy of that harvest sheet to compare against other participating classes to determine the best growers in the FGL.

crest-cfmp-285Two classes will go head to head per match (up to 4 matches per round) comparing their best five harvests every month. These match ups will be shown in the form of a video game themed Competition video posted to during the 4th week of each month.

crest-cfmp-285After all match ups take place, the Classroom Ranking and Team Rank for the top 40 competing teams (5 teams per class) will be shown. To make things interesting, it’s possible for a team’s class to lose, but for the individual team to still come in first under Team Rank.

crest-cfmp-285In the next round the following month, the background of the game map is changed to the color of the number one Team. The first place Classroom gets to pick the opening words to start the next round’s matches. The words can be as simple as “Begin,” vocabulary words, or nonsensical words like “Slime” as long as they are unoffensive. Up to four words per round.

crest-cfmp-285FGL Sponsors can have their logo featured below their sponsored school when both competitors are introduced right before the match. Self-funding schools will have their school or PTA/PTO logo shown in that space in lieu of a sponsor.

We look forward to the League encouraging students to grow more greens and eat healthy. Please consider taking part with your students or as a sponsor.  Feel free to contact us with comments or questions.

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