Championship Round – Food Growing League 2018-19 Spring Season – ReBuildUp

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It’s finally here, the 2018-19 Food Growing League Spring Season Championship. Started in February, students have been growing their basil plants for 3 months now. See pictures of what they’ve grown and find out which classes had the tallest harvests in the video, podcast, and scorecards above. If viewing in an email, click page link above to view video and podcast.

We’d like to thank the teachers who helped make this program possible in their classrooms!

If you’d like your class to join the League, you can learn more by clicking here.

We’re also launching our attendance and financial literacy GrowBuck program that can be integrated with the League for those interested in a new way to help students practice their math skills.

Hope everyone has a great summer and we look forward to the Fall Season starting in October.