Round 1 (Tendergreens) 2018-2019 Fall Season – Food Growing League

Click thumbnails for printable images of each Match plus Class & Team Ranking

We kick off the 1st Round of the Fall Season of the 2018-2019 Food Growing League with the 1st Match of Sugarloaf Elementary (Hendersonville) vs. Cone Elementary (Greensboro) and 2nd Match of Eastern Wayne High (Goldsboro) vs. Invest Collegiate Middle (Charlotte). Unfortunately, due to a tight schedule caused by back to back hurricanes, Cone Elementary was not able to take part this month. We hope to see them back in November.

This season we’ve introduced “Pro-rated” growing to account for weather delays and other issues that alter growing schedules.

This means if a school takes longer than the standard two weeks from plant to harvest, their final harvest numbers are adjusted to show an estimate of their weights if they were harvested on the 14th day as scheduled. Classes with Pro-rated harvest numbers will have a “P” next to their team number and harvest total.

Thanks to A. Wright, CPA in Goldsboro and Bulldog Printing in Greensboro for sponsoring this month’s competition.

Learn more about the League here.