Round 3 (Radishes) 2018-2019 Fall Season – Food Growing League – ReBuildUp

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Round 3 of the 2018-2019 Fall Season of the Food Growing League features Invest Collegiate Middle (Charlotte) versus Sugarloaf Elementary (Hendersonville) and Cone Elementary (Greensboro) making their season debut against Eastern Wayne High (Goldsboro). The heaviest radish microgreens determine the victor in this round.

Cone Elementary finally got their chance to rejoin the League after weather and scheduling delays in October and November. Unfortunately, due to Winter Storm Diego, Cone Elementary went 9 straight days out of school and unable to water their portable gardens contributing to lower their expected harvest weights.

Invest Collegiate Middle went on Winter Break before they had a chance to grow for Round 3 and they’ll be returning for the final round of the Fall Season this January.

Thanks to Bulldog Printing in Greensboro for sponsoring this month’s competition.

Learn more about the League here.