GrowBuck League

GrowBuckGrowBuck League is an optional secondary League that builds on the skills learned in the Food Growing League

The GrowBuck League (GBL) is a Math and Financial Literacy Lab that can transform your classroom into a micro economy. Middle and High School students can even list their use of GrowBucks under “Work Experience” on resumes when applying for their first jobs or internships.

GrowBuckGrowBucks included with a classroom’s kit shipment need to be requested by the classroom instructor ahead of the season starting. GrowBucks also work for remote learning at home.

Students use GrowBucks to purchase or rent items like water bottles andscissors to help make their Bottle Growers in the Food Growing League. Additional items for purchase can include extra seeds, rubberbands, Portable Garden Instructions, GrowBuck Game sheets, classroom extra credit and more. GrowBucks can also be used in class or at home to sell harvests as pet food or as plant sales.

GrowBuckWinners are based on the number of deposits multiplied by the toal income for each student.

The top 5 students represent your class against other classes within your school and the top performing class represents your school in the GrowBuck League.

GrowBuckBased on our 2014 Economy, Jr. program, the mission is to create a micro economy in the classroom or home to mirror real world gains and losses. Because classrooms differ by grade level and available time, the GrowBuck League was developed to allow instructors to pick and choose which parts of the original Economy, Jr. to present to students.

After requesting GrowBucks be included with your ReBuildUp Home & Class Kits, it’s recommended that elementary schools start using GrowBucks in one class only for a full season to get familiar with how they work before expanding to more classrooms.

For Middle and High Schools, we suggest setting up the program in science classes and if time doesn’t permit, keep the Food Growing League in the science class with the GrowBuck League in math classes to split the lessons up.

GrowBucks in higher grades can provide a vehicle for teaching algebra along with general soft skills like making change, accounting, and salesmanship that are valuable in the working world. Other adult experiences like part time jobs/careers, paying rent, grocery costs, student loans, running a business, and more can be simulated by playing the upcoming Economy, Jr. reboot.

Interested in trying it out? Contact us now to bring GrowBucks to your classroom.

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