GrowBuck League

*** The Fall Season of the GrowBuck League: Classroom Edition is currently suspended. See the GrowBuck League: Home Edition to participate this fall. ***

GrowBuckThe GrowBuck League (GBL) is a Financial Literacy Math Lab, Attendance, and Job Training program rolled into one.

Students can be “paid” GrowBucks for each day of school they attend, grades, or good behavior. At the end of the season, the students’ financial stats can be sent in to see how well they did against other classrooms in the League.

Each month, students receive their earnings to spend on products and services offered in a classroom store setup by the teacher or on items made by their fellow students. GBL only requires about an hour classroom instruction time per month to pay students and let them shop with their earnings for a few minutes each week.

GrowBuckBased on our 2014 Economy, Jr. program, the mission is to create a micro economy in the classroom to mirror real world gains and losses. Middle and High School students can even list their GrowBuck Experience under “Work Experience” on resumes when applying for their first jobs or internships.

GrowBuckBalance Sheet – Students record their deposits and payments as they use their GrowBucks to buy and sell items in their classroom. Data from these Balance Sheets determine how well your class did in the GrowBuck League if your classroom chooses to participate.

GrowBuckWallets – Instructions are provided on how students can make their own wallets out of paper and tape to hold their GrowBucks and Balance Sheet in when not in use. Wallets can be stored in a shoe box or desk drawer when not used in the classroom.

GrowBuckPitch Drill – This is a fast paced introduction to business plans and sales pitches by having teams of students develop and present a profitable solution for a specific problem. Doubles as a creative writing exercise if needed.

GrowBuckMillion Dollar Idea – In this critical thinking card game, students break into groups of up to 8 students each to practice salesmanship selling existing products or inventing new ones while learning about demographics, marketing, and business fundamentals.

For Elementary Schools, we recommend introducing the program to one or two classrooms to start out (like an AG Class).

As the first class of students gets comfortable with the format, you can add more classrooms to buy and sell with in a weekly or monthly school market held during lunch time.

For Middle and High Schools, we suggest setting up the program in math classes with students given the option to rent tables during lunch break if they’re allowed to buy and sell outside of the classroom.

GrowBuck ReBuildUp can provide modules to add as you go to incorporate things like students selling pet food through the Food Growing League, and more.

GrowBucks at this level can provide a vehicle for teaching algebra along with general soft skills like making change, accounting, and salesmanship that are valuable in the working world. Other adult experiences like part time jobs/careers, paying rent, grocery costs, student loans, taxes, credit cards, and more can be simulated using GrowBucks.

Students can bring items (as long as they’re allowed by the school) from home that normally would be given away or sold off at a garage sale. Any items for sale must first get signed approvals from both the instructor and parent/guardian before being brought to school.

Interested in trying it out? Contact us now to bring GrowBucks to your classroom.

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