GrowBuck League

GrowBuckThe GrowBuck League (GBL) is a Financial Literacy Math Lab, Attendance, and Job Training program rolled into one.

Each ReBuildUp Home & Class Kit comes with a set amount of GrowBucks (GB’s). Players use GrowBucks to purchase or rent items like water bottles and scissors to help make their Bottle Growers in the Food Growing League. At home or in class, harvests can also be sold as pet food and plants sales using GB’s.

At the end of the season, the students’ financial stats can be reported online to see how well they did against other groups in the League. An internal scoreboard is available so players can see how well their doing in friendly competition with their classmates or neighbors.

GrowBuckBased on our 2014 Economy, Jr. program, the mission is to create a micro economy in the home or classroom to mirror real world gains and losses. Middle and High School students can even list their GrowBuck Experience under “Work Experience” on resumes when applying for their first jobs or internships.

GrowBuckBalance Sheet – Players record their deposits and payments as they use their GrowBucks to buy and sell items at home or in their classroom. Data from these Balance Sheets determine how well your group did in the GrowBuck League.

GrowBuckWallets – Instructions are provided on how students can make their own wallets out of paper and tape to hold their GrowBucks and Balance Sheet in when not in use. Wallets can be stored in a shoe box or desk drawer when not used.

GrowBuckMarket Place – Player made products like harvests need somewhere to be sold. A home or classroom store can be setup for players to buy and sell items with their instructor and/or fellow players.

GrowBuckGrowBuck Games – Million Dollar Idea, Health is Wealth, Pitch Drill, Cashless Incubator, and Economy, Jr. (online version coming soon) are a series of printable card games. Each game practices different skills like practicing salesmanship, inventing new products, and more.

The Discount Network is a new feature we’re testing out to get needed resources to classrooms faster through a partnership with local businesses. It’s similar to a school magazine drive, but on a local level. The DN is setup to enhance the GrowBuck League by providing players with real world items to buy and sell using their GrowBucks.

For Elementary Schools, we recommend introducing the program to one or two classrooms to start out (like an AG Class).

As the first class of students gets comfortable with the format, you can add more classrooms.

For Middle and High Schools, we suggest setting up the program in math classes with students given the option to rent tables during lunch break if they’re allowed to buy and sell outside of the classroom.

GrowBucks at this level can provide a vehicle for teaching algebra along with general soft skills like making change, accounting, and salesmanship that are valuable in the working world. Other adult experiences like part time jobs/careers, paying rent, grocery costs, student loans, taxes, credit cards, and more can be simulated using GrowBucks or by playing the upcoming online edition of Economy, Jr.

Students can bring items (as long as they’re allowed by the school) from home that normally would be given away or sold off at a garage sale. Any items for sale must first get signed approvals from both the instructor and parent/guardian before being brought to school.

Interested in trying it out? Contact us now to bring GrowBucks to your classroom.

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