GrowBuckGrowBuck is an attendance, economics, and a job training program rolled into one.

Students K-12 are “paid” a set amount of GrowBucks for each day of school they attend. At the end of each month, students receive their earnings to spend on products or services made by their fellow students. If there’s nothing they want to buy, students can spend their GrowBucks to purchase extra credit on homework assignments, this week’s pop quiz, or any other benefit you as the instructor are willing to offer.

The mission is to create a micro economy on campus that mirrors the real world as close as possible allowing students to practice future part time jobs/careers in addition to giving students a reason to show up for school each day.

As more classrooms at your school join the program, a larger market is created giving students a wider customer base to buy and sell with during breaks in the school day. ReBuildUp will provide modules that can be added as you go to incorporate things like student run banks, selling pet food through the Food Growing League, and more.

The GrowBuck program is provided at NO COST as long as materials are printed by the school. We recommend either printing the currency in color on white cover stock paper or black and white on color construction paper. If for some reason this can’t be done on the school’s end, ReBuildUp can print and ship your currency for a small fee. Additional materials like economic literacy games (see below) will be made available starting next fall.

Interested in learning more? Contact us now to bring GrowBucks to your classroom.

The following modules are available right now:

Pet Food Sale

Students sell their microgreen harvests from the fall season of the Food Growing League.
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The following games will be available in the 2019-2020 school year:

pitch-drillPITCH DRILL
Problem Solving Pitching Contest

A fast paced intro to business plans and pitching by having students develop and present a profitable solution.
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million-dollar-ideaMILLION DOLLAR IDEA
Product Idea Card Game

Students take turns being a customer while the other players try to convince them to purchase their products over the others.
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economy-jrECONOMY, JR
Real life Customer and Business Simulator

Players start as either Customers spending a month’s paycheck or compete as Merchants.
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cashless-incubatorCASHLESS INCUBATOR
Service Idea Card Game

Students build businesses by trading their skills for much needed resources.
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educated-riskEDUCATED RISK
Investing Contest

Students play the role of investors deciding which of three startups to fund in hopes their investments pay off.
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Nutrition Focused Card Game

Food Bike teaches players WHY they need to eat healthy as they sell plants to neighbors in need.
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Curriculum Development focused on Health and Entrepreneurship