Growing Skills Course

Our new Growing Skills Course featuring our ReBuildUp Home & Class Kit uses indoor food growing to teach soft skills like project management, accounting, and more in addition to learning how to grow vitamins in the form of microgreens.

growbuck Using ReBuildUp’s Grow More, Water Less techniques, students learn how to grow larger plants kept on or near their windowsills to help reduce their food costs while getting the freshest produce possible inside their own home.

Graduates are provided with access to more advanced techniques that can allow their plants to go multiple weeks without watering. [Pictured: Swiss Chard and Pok Choy]

Intended for working adults or their family members, GSC is open to underage students as along as they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian. Qualifying students will receive Local Business Vouchers good at participating local businesses upon completing the course.

The GSC has students participating in all three ReBuildUp Leagues:  Food Growing League, League of Solutions, and GrowBuck Leaguegrowbuck
during the month long course [Pictured: Basil]

Graduates will have the opportunity to gain funding for their future projects through’s Discount Network.

Contact us here to learn more about bringing this class to your area.

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