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GrowBuckThe ReBuildUp Home & Class Kit uses indoor food growing to create a Math, Science, and Financial Literacy Lab for both young and adult learners.

For younger students, this kit is designed to accommodate 3rd-12th graders in class and at home remote learning. This means it can be setup in class and brought home later on and vice versa if needed. Each kit contains materials for three different Leagues: The Food Growing League (primary), League of Solutions (optional), and GrowBuck League (optional).


In the classroom, kits can be used by one student participating as a solo player or shared in teams of 2 or 3 students per kit as they compete in one or more Leagues during a 3 month season. Materials can be divided amongst team members to take home for remote learning if needed. Adult students enrolled in our Growing Skills Course are solo players taking part in all three Leagues over a one month period.
The Food Growing League is the most popular and can be the only League your class takes part in during a season. For classrooms looking to do more, you can also participate in the League of Solutions, the GrowBuck League, or both.

Each kit comes with pictures as well as step by step written instructions for each League. Instructors have access to training videos that can be shown in class along with other features. Graduates of our Growing Skills Course also gain access to these training videos and more.

ReBuildUp Leagues and other Features
We develop everything in house and work quickly to provide instructor requested updates. Many of the League features below are the result of these requests.

GrowBuckThe Food Growing League lets students practice their MATH and SCIENCE skills with the hands on activity of competitive food growing in the classroom or at home.

Once setup, it requires just 30 minutes once or twice a month (depending on the Season) to plant and harvest Bottle Growers and just 5 minutes once or twice a week to water. In addition to a flexible schedule, growing indoors can help improve your outdoor home and school gardens thanks to the efforts of students.

GrowBuckIn the League of Solutions, players use every day items and the power of comparison to test out different ways to boost their food growing.

The League of Solutions builds on the Math & Science skills foundation of the Food Growing League to figure out why a solution did or did not work through A/B Testing. The process used to setup and evaluate each solution can be applied to any project a student takes on in the future.

GrowBuckThe GrowBuck League is a Math and Financial Literacy Lab that can transform your classroom into a micro economy.

Middle and High School students can even list their use of GrowBucks under “Work Experience” on resumes when applying for their first jobs or internships.

GrowBuckFood Bike is a new video series using the example of a pet food business to demonstrate math, science, and grammar lessons students are currently learning in the classroom.

Business concepts, financial and economic literacy are also a running theme in each episode. Instructors are welcome to request a lesson they’d like turned into a Food Bike video to show their students in the future.

The ReBuildUp.Net Discount Network connects classrooms using ReBuildUp’s Home & Class Kit along with students who graduate our Growing Skills Course with the chance at extra funding from area Business Partners. NOTE: The Discount Network is optional and may not be available in all areas.

growbuckAfter the end of every three month season, instructors send in player results. Each season’s results will be posted the following month in a competition video for the Top 2 schools per division and the rest are featured in printable score boards.

To decide the League Winners, the Top 5 Players/Teams per class compete against other classes at your school with the best overall classroom representing your school against other schools in each League.

Schools can win individual Leagues and if they have the highest overall ranking in all three Leagues, they become the Starter Kit Winner. School Partners taking part in additional seasons compete to become the ReBuildUp Leagues Champion using Level II kits.

Season schedule: Summer (July-Sep), Fall (Oct-Dec), Winter (Jan-Mar), and Spring (April-June).

GrowBuckClassrooms are encouraged (but not required) to sign up one month before the next season to participate. For example, registering in the last week of November/first week of December to take part in the Winter Season (Jan-Mar). In some circumstances, School Partners can register a few weeks into an ongoing season.

You can sign up your classroom by clicking here. School Partners can be traditional schools along with Congregations, Food Pantries, and even Businesses that hold remedial classes for adults through their location.

It’s worth your time as a potential School or Business Partner to check out the ReBuildUp Home & Class kits.

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