Home Edition

GrowBuckWelcome to the Home Edition of ReBuildUp’s Classroom programs.

Unlike the Classroom Editions which have limited 3 month seasons (Fall: Oct-Dec & Spring: Mar-May), the Home Edition allows you to participate every month of the year as an individual player. You’ll find your assigned Player ID in your kit that ensures your identity and privacy stays anonymous. If under 13 using this kit, please have your parents assist you with submitting your competition results in compliance with underage internet usage regulations.

Use your kit’s Login Link and Login Code to access instruction videos and upload page for your program(s). You’ll also find additional details for things like combining more than one Player ID into one if you’re using multiple kits (GBL:HE & FGL:HE).

You are eligible to win Gift Cards from local businesses in your area every month you take part in one or more of the Leagues by uploading your Score Sheet results. Gift Card prizes not available in all areas. Gift Card prizes available in Greensboro will be posted mid-July on the Wednesday List.

Below is a short overview of the Home Edition programs currently available. If there’s a program you want that wasn’t included in your kit (e.g. Food Growing League : Home Edition), contact us for details.

GrowBuckThe Food Growing League : Home Edition lets students practice their MATH and SCIENCE skills with the hands on activity of competitive food growing at home.

The FGL:HE scores based on the tallest plants using a provided ruler for each two week growing period. Results can be submitted to the monthly competition after each individual harvest or after all three food heights have been recorded.

The Food Growing League (FGL) Classroom Edition relies on both measuring weight and height depending on the type of foods being grown. Results are sent in at the end of the three month season.

GrowBuckThe GrowBuck League : Home Edition is a Financial Literacy Math Lab and Job Training program rolled into one. Students can be “paid” GrowBucks for doing chores around the home to purchase things like extra screen time.

After every two week period of recording transactions in the provided balance sheet, the students’ financial stats can be sent in to see how well they did against other students in the League. Scores are posted on a monthly basis and it’s possible to have 2 two week transaction periods counted in the same month to boost your results compared to those who only reported 1 two week transaction period.

The GBL:HE differs from the GrowBuck League (GBL) Classroom Edition in that classrooms can hold in class markets for students to buy and sell items with one another. This is possible with the GBL:HE if you have a student nearby also using this kit.

GrowBuckThe League of Solutions : Home Edition is a friendly competition between students to see who can solve the most problems in their home.

The Parent/Guardian serves as the judge of how effective each solution is. The LoS:HE opens the door to bigger opportunities thanks to the Wednesday List. You’ll find more details on this when you log in to your Instruction page.

The League of Solutions Classroom Edition also connects successful students with more ways to test out their solutions through the Wednesday List.

GrowBuckThe Wednesday List is a weekly listing allowing students using both the Home and Classroom Editions to post requests for items to be used in their solutions.

Participating Business Partners can fulfill those requests and list additional items for use in solutions along with job openings and other opportunities to benefit students.

The debut of the Wednesday List is planned for July 8th.

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