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GrowBuckWelcome to the Home Edition of ReBuildUp’s Classroom only programs.

The Home Edition is designed to accommodate adults and students both in class and remote learning. This means it can be setup at home and brought to class later on and vice versa when needed. Players can choose to register their kits through their School or Neighborhood to compete with other classrooms and neighbors in the three different ReBuildUp Leagues.

The Food Growing League is the most popular and can be the only League your class or neighborhood takes part in during a season. For School Partners and Neighborhood Partners looking to do more, the Food Growing League can be combined with the GrowBuck League where players sell their harvests as pet food for GrowBucks used to purchase items from a Classroom or Home Store. This store can be filled with items donated by Business Partners through the Solution Network.

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ReBuildUp League

Job skill points earned by players in one or more Leagues can be used to request more items for their own player made products sold in their classroom or home stores or even through participating businesses. Points also make a big difference in the League of Solutions where player projects can be turned into successful Challenges to help out others in their School, Neighborhood, or overall Community while receiving service learning hours.


Unlike our Classroom Only Editions which have limited 3 month seasons (Fall: Oct-Dec & Spring: Mar-May) limited only to students (3rd-12th grades), the Home Edition allows you to participate every month of the year as an individual player through a school and/or neighborhood without an age limit (kids, teens, and adults welcome). Students can also use the Home Edition kits in the classroom and then continue at home during breaks and vice versa.

Business Partner

The results of players will be combined under their school and/or neighborhood in friendly competition with other schools or neighborhoods to find out the winners for each season. Those not in a participating school or neighborhood looking to join a League can purchase a kit from a Business Partner.

Players will find an assigned Player ID in the kit that ensures user identity and privacy remain anonymous. For those under 13 using this kit, a parent or guardian needs to assist with submitting competition results outside of the classroom to teachers and/or neighborhood ambassadors in compliance with underage internet usage regulations.


Use the kit’s Login Link and Login Code to access instruction videos and other features. Once the box of kits are received by the Instructor, it’s their responsibility to get them to their participating students or neighbors. Players then report back their Player ID’s to the Instructor to confirm their participation on behalf of their school or neighborhood.


If you have questions about the Leagues or overall program, contact us with your comments and questions. Below is a short overview of the Home Edition Leagues available.

After the end of every three month season, Players on their own or with assistance from an instructor send in all score sheet results. Each season’s results will be posted the following month.

Schedule: Summer (July-Sep), Fall (Oct-Dec), Winter (Jan-Mar), and Spring (April-June).

Classrooms/Neighborhoods are encouraged (but not required) to register one month before the next season to participate. For example, registering in the last week of November/first week of December to take part in the Winter Season (Jan-Mar). In some circumstances, Partners can register a few weeks into an ongoing season.

GrowBuckThe Food Growing League : Home Edition lets players practice their MATH and SCIENCE skills with the hands on activity of competitive food growing at home or in class. It allows players to experience the manufacturing process of building something (bottle grower) and then having a product (microgreens or plants) after two to three weeks.

The FGL:HE scores are based on the tallest plants using a provided ruler for each growing period. Results can be submitted to the instructor/ambassador after each individual harvest or after all three food heights have been recorded.

The Food Growing League (FGL) Classroom Edition relies on both measuring weight and height depending on the type of foods being grown. Results are also sent in to rebuildup.com at the end of the three month season.

GrowBuckThe GrowBuck League : Home Edition is a Financial Literacy Math Lab and Job Training program rolled into one. Players can be “paid” GrowBucks for doing chores around the home to purchase things like extra screen time or items from a Store setup in the home. Adult players living on their own can do chores for neighbors and are responsible for accurately recording their screen time use and sending to their instructor and/or neighborhood ambassador.

The GBL:HE differs from the GrowBuck League (GBL) Classroom Edition in that classrooms can hold in class markets for students to buy and sell items with one another or from the teacher through a classroom store.

GrowBuckThe League of Solutions : Home Edition is a friendly competition between players to see who can solve the most problems in their home. These solutions can launch Challenges.

The Parent/Guardian serves as the judge of how effective each solution is. For adults living on their own, a neighbor can serve the role of judge. The LoS:HE opens the door to bigger opportunities thanks to the Solution Network. You’ll find more details on this when you log in to your Instruction page.

The League of Solutions Classroom Edition also connects successful students with more ways to test out their solutions through the Solution Network.

GrowBuckThe Solution Network allows players using either the Home or Classroom Editions to post requests anonymously for items to be used in their solutions or sold in their classroom store.

Participating Business Partners and Network Builders can fulfill these requests and list additional items for use in player made products and solutions. Even intern or job opportunities can be listed.

It’s worth your time as a potential player, school, neighborhood, or business partner to check out the ReBuildUp Home Edition.

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