Student Jobs

2019-2020 Student Jobs Listings

[listings will be available this Spring 2020]

Hiring Students? ReBuildUp Can Help!

Our Student Jobs (SJ) program connects your business with local students every time you submit a job listing in search of part time staff, graduating seniors for full time work, interns, or apprentices.

If you’re not familiar with ReBuildUp, we provide classroom programs to help teach students the soft skills of team work, project management, making change, accounting, salesmanship, problem solving, respectful communication, and more that employers are looking for.

These newly learned skills give students something extra to put down under “work experience” when applying for their first jobs allowing your company to recruit the best employees.

growbuckOnce your chosen school(s) agrees to share your job listing with students, your listing will be featured for one month on our site where it will be seen by students, teachers, and school counselors. Links to your listing will also be included in weekly posts covering GrowBuck (GB) and Food Growing League (FGL) competition updates.

Sometimes job listings will be included in the Food Growing League competition video. Job listings may also be mentioned on the Podcast. Student Job listings are limited to Middle and High School students. Schools do not have to participate in other ReBuildUp programs (GB or FGL) to take part in Student Jobs.

Unless you have a Promo Code, your 1 Month Listing costs a flat fee of $5 to share your listing with our current school partners. There will be an additional $5 charge for every new school you request we connect with to help support ReBuildUp’s efforts. A PayPal invoice will be sent after the school(s) agree to share your listing. Contact us if you have questions. Click here for an example of a Student Job listing.

Student Jobs

ReBuildUp, LLC is a for profit company

GrowBuckReBuildUp, LLC is a for-profit company. Some of our efforts can be considered the work of non-profits, but other services are classified as for profit.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding our status. We’re happy to work with those looking to improve our schools and communities.


We reserve the right to reject job listings, item donations, and/or sponsorships we find unsuitable for our school partners like businesses selling potentially controversial products or services that might distract from our programs’ focus on health and jobs.

If for some reason the program, listing, or donation does not take place, advertisers, donors, and/or sponsors will be given the option to redirect their funds towards another school or be refunded in the form of a mailed check for the amount paid minus any processing fees.

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