Junior Junior College

growbuckReBuildUp Junior Junior College (JJC) is based on the idea of paying local business employees or their family members to continue learning on their own.

The JJC is unaccredited (not an official education institution) and focuses on building up an employee’s job skills instead of providing a certificate or diploma.

Once completing the required classes for each level, the curriculum is completely up to the employee to decide. There are no penalties for not meeting goals set by the employee, but there are benefits for achieving them.

All employees start out enrolled as Hobbyists and can upgrade their status to Student or even Instructor depending how much additional effort they’re willing to put in.

[This is the simplest way for an employee to earn local with very little extra effort on their part.]

Hobbyist is the initial level that requires attending the 30 minute “Hobbyist Class” that is essentially an orientation explaining what it means to be a Hobbyist and the benefits involved that include receiving their own discount code to use for raising money for themselves using REBUILDUP.NET Discount Network.

Requirement: To enroll, an employee must have an existing hobby they spend 1-3 hours a week on.

Students have access to more ways to raise funding and gain resources for their projects through Discount Clubs and the Solution Network. To upgrade to a Student, a Hobbyist needs to complete the one hour Portable Garden Class followed by the 2-2-2 (two classes – two hours each – two weeks apart) Growing Skills Course. Food growing is used to teach the needed project management, accounting, and critical thinking a JJC Student needs to be successful.

Requirement: To enroll, an employee must currently be a Hobbyist spending over 3 hours a week on an existing hobby with a plan to take their hobby to the next level as a career or business. Upon completing the needed classes, the Student needs to set a month goal for where they need to be on their project.

This level is still under development and will have even more opportunities for funding and resources.

The JJC is open to all ages, but family members of employees under 18 require involvement in the classes by their parent or guardian.

Contact us at ReBuildUp to find out if our Junior Junior College is available in your area.

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