League of Solutions

growbuckThe League of Solutions is a friendly competition between Students to see who can solve the most problems in their classroom.

Your participation in this program helps young people pursue new ideas for common problems. At best, something truly innovative is developed that may turn into a successful product or service in the future. At worst, students gain new skills, some service learning hours, and an improved job resume.

Over the four week season, the class comes up with their Wish List of things to improve, isntructor chooses their favorite problem solving Solution Pitch(es), students provide assistance by joining a Solution Team, and finally the instructor reports back to ReBuildUp with a Score Card to determine how well your classroom did solving their problem.

Contact us to learn how to take part as a School. ReBuildUp programs like Food Growing League, GrowBucks, and GrowBuck Games can help students learn the skills to develop strong solutions, but these other programs are not required to participate in the League of Solutions.

League of Solutions – 4 Week Season Schedule
Weeks 1
Weeks 2
Weeks 3
Week 4

growbuckIn Week 1, students and instructors draw up a Wish List of problems they’d like to see worked on or even solved after 4 weeks. Problems can range from simple ones like reducing phone addiction to complex problems like helping struggling students improve their grades.

Once the Wish List is decided, the instructor chooses how many GrowBucks (if any) along with any resources (cardboard, glue, buckets, etc.) to put towards solving each problem. These combined currency and resources wish list items will be given to the winning Solution Pitches.

The Wish List can be written on a white board or shared among the class digitally.

growbuckIn Week 2, interested students submit their Solution Pitches. Pitches detail how their solution idea 1) impacts or solves the problem, 2) how they’ll use the Wish List items (and if they’ll need additional resources), 3) how many Solution Team members they’ll need, and 4) how much time they think they’ll need to test out their idea. The Solution Teams have a maximum of 1 1/2 weeks available to get their project accomplished after they begin in early Week 3.

Students can submit their Solution Pitch for multiple ideas, but can only work on one during the 4 week season. Students can also submit Solution Pitches for ideas that have nothing to do with the listed problems for the instructor to consider. Students retain copyright to the original idea they develop.

During Week 2, instructors review submitted pitches and invite applicants to give a one to two presentation of their solution. The pitch can be made to the classroom or just the instructor. After pitches are made, the instructor notifies selected participants by the end of Week 2.

growbuckFor Week 3, Solution Teams are assembled for each Solution Pitch consisting of the student that came up with the idea and any additional student volunteers looking to help and get experience for their own future Solution Pitches.

The purpose of the Solution Team is to assist the participant with the Solution Fund, help them implement their idea, and provide feedback along the way. If service hours are being awarded, have someone in the team keep track of the time put in by each team member.

During Week 3, any changes to the initial idea, wish list items, or schedule are worked out and the Solution Team begins implementing their idea until the end of Week 4.

growbuckFor Week 4, all ideas need to be completed by the end of the 4 week Season. Each idea per classroom is scored by:

1) was the idea successfully started,
2) was it completed as planned, and
3) if it significantly impacted or solved the problem at hand.

Once all Score Cards have been sent to ReBuildUp, a printable scorecard will be posted after the season announcing the scores and rankings of all participating classrooms.

Interested in taking part? Contact Us today to be part of the next 4 week season of the League of Solutions.

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