League of Solutions

growbuckLeague of Solutions is an optional secondary League that builds on the skills learned in the Food Growing League

In the League of Solutions (“LoS” for short), players use every day items and the power of comparison to test out different ways to boost their food growing.

The League of Solutions builds on the Math & Science skills foundation of the Food Growing League to figure out why a solution did or did not work through A/B Testing. The process used to setup and evaluate each solution can be applied to any project a student takes on in the future.

Players can use these techniques to build their own Portable Garden for food growing at home using less water than standard methods. The three solutions that come with the Starter Season kit teach the basic steps needed to make a Bottle Garden which is the first of six Portable Garden types.


Additional Season Kits (Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter) showcase more growing strategies that work for some, but not all plants. The challenge is to figure out what works and why.

Winners are determined by the total number of experiment days multiplied by the number of experiments per season. Because of the limited experiment days per Solution, it is common to have multiple schools tie for first place. The purpose of the League of Solutions from a competition stand point is that it serves as a tie breaker to help decide the overall winner of the ReBuildUp League Championship each season.

For example, if ABC Elementary comes in 2nd place in the Food Growing League and EFG Middle comes in first, but ABC Elementary ties for 1st in the League of Solutions while EFG Middle didn’t take part in any Solution tests, then ABC Elementary will be the overall ReBuildUp League winner that season.

The final benefit of the League of Solutions is that it helps maintain student interest in food growing by making each seed planted a chance to learn something new.

Interested in taking part next season? Contact Us today about future openings in the League of Solutions.

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