League of Solutions

Problem listings for Summer Season posted in mid-April 2020

growbuckThe League of Solutions is a friendly competition among congregations who help students complete their Local Project Ideas to earn service learning hours.

Contact us to learn how to take part as a School or Congregation. Training materials are provided to help every step of the way. Middle and High Schools participate by letting their students know about this opportunity to earn service learning hours and assist them with developing their Local Project Idea submissions using Pitch Drill to practice.

ReBuildUp programs like Food Growing League, GrowBucks, and GrowBuck Games can help students learn the skills to develop strong Local Project Ideas, but these other programs are not required to participate in the League of Solutions.

League of Solutions 2019-2020
Summer Season
Project Idea

Solution Fund
A Fund’s money and/or resources for each problem on the Problem List need to be ready BEFORE the start of the Season.

growbuckBefore the season starts, Congregations draw up a list of problems they’d like to see worked on or even solved during the Season. Problems can range from simple ones like reducing phone addiction to complex problems like poverty.

Once the list is decided, Congregations decide how much money (if any) along with any resources (blankets, 2×4’s, buckets, etc.) to put towards solving each problem. This combined money and resources for all listed problems is called the “Solution Fund.” With a finalized Solution Fund, the list of problems each Congregation wants to fix, the money and resources available to fix each problem, and contact details are sent to ReBuildUp to send out to participating schools.

growbuckDuring the 1st month of the League of Solutions, the Problem List is distributed among participating schools for students to review and pick which problem or problems they’d like to attempt solving.
Playing the practice game Pitch Drill in class or after school gives students a template to build their Local Project Idea around and give them an idea of what Congregations may be looking for when picking a proposed solution.

growbuckIn the 2nd month, participating students submit their Local Project Idea (LPI). LPI Pitches need to detail how the student plans to impact or solve the problem, how they’ll use the problem’s Solution Fund (and if they’ll need additional resources), how many Service Team members they’ll need, and how much time they think they’ll need to accomplish their project. Students can submit their LPI to multiple congregations, but can only work with one congregation during the Season.

Congregations review submitted LPI’s and invite students to one or more pitch events for them to present their LPI’s in person during the second half of the month. After pitches are made, congregations notify selected students by the end of the 2nd month. Students retain copyright to the original idea they develop.

growbuckFor the 3rd month, Service Teams are assembled for each Local Project Idea consisting of at least 1-2 congregation members to supervise, the student who developed the LPI, and additional students looking to earn their service learning hours. Parents of students are also welcome to take part. Any changes to the initial LPI plan, resources, or schedule are worked out and the Service Team begins implementing their Local Project Idea.

growbuckAll Local Project Ideas need to be completed by the final week of the 4th month of the Season. Each LPI per congregation is scored by 1) how many total projects were started, 2) how many were completed as planned, and 3) if they significantly impacted or solved the problem at hand. Once all Score Cards have been sent to ReBuildUp, a competition video, printable scorecards, and a podcast will be posted after the season announcing the scores and rankings of all participating congregations.

League of Solutions Season Schedule



Dec-Mar Apr-Jul

Interested in taking part? Contact Us today to be part of the next season of the League of Solutions. #CCyyFF

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