League of Solutions

Now recruiting Schools for the 2021 Winter Season (Jan-Mar)


The League of Solutions is a friendly competition between students to see who can solve the most problems in their classroom. Scores can be sent in to see how well your classroom did against other classrooms in the League.

Your participation in this program helps young people pursue new ideas to common problems. At best, something truly innovative is developed that may turn into a successful product or service in the future.

At worst, students gain new skills, some service learning hours, and an improved job resume.

Each four week period of the League starts with the class coming up with their Wish List of problems they’d like solved, students crafting Solutions, instructor choosing their favorite Solution Pitches, students forming Solution Teams to implement the most popular project ideas, and finally the instructor reporting back to ReBuildUp at the end of the season with the Score Card for each Solution to compare with other classrooms in the League.

Contact us to learn how to take part as a School and receive the full program instructions. ReBuildUp programs like the Food Growing League and GrowBuck League can help students learn the skills to develop strong solutions, but these other programs are not required to participate in the League of Solutions.

League of Solutions – 4 week Monthly Schedule
(3 Months per Season)
Weeks 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

growbuckWeek 1 – Wish List – Students and instructors draw up a Wish List of problems they’d like to see worked on or even solved after the 4 week period.

Problems can range from simple ones like reducing phone addiction to complex problems like helping struggling students improve their grades.

growbuckWeek 2 – Solution Pitch – Interested students use the 5 W’s + H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) to craft their solution to one of the problems on the Wish List.

Instructor reviews all pitches and chooses which ones to approve. Unselected ideas can be worked on to resubmit the following month.

growbuckWeek 3 – Solution Team – Solution Teams are assembled for each Solution Pitch consisting of the student that came up with the idea and any additional student volunteers looking to help and get experience for their own future Solution Pitchers.

Once Teams are settled, each group has up to 1 1/2 weeks to test out their idea.

growbuckWeek 4 – Score Card – Solution projects are wrapped up and scored by the instructor. Ideas taking longer get counted as being held the following month.

All score cards are kept by instructor and they have the option to send them in to ReBuildUp at the end of the season to see how well the class did among others. A printable score card will be posted after the season announcing the scores and rankings of all participating classrooms.

League of Solutions – Season Schedule

Fall Season

Spring Season

Interested in taking part next season? Contact Us today about future openings in the League of Solutions.

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