CFMP Level I

CFMP Level I: Nutrition & Marketing – Students learn how easy it is to grow different types of microgreens inside their classroom or even in their room at home. Teams of two students (or 3 if necessary) will each receive a 3 Bottle Top Portable Garden Mini Bin (PG3) to grow that month’s selected seed in class over a two week period (growing schedule provided). The team with the largest harvest by weight (scale provided) will receive PG3 containers to use at home.  Level I also lets students see the business side of things with Food Bike, Promo Materials, and Discount Cards.

PG-CFMP-I-Logo-wB-150The 3 Bottle Top Portable Garden Mini Bin (PG3) fits on virtually all window sills.  It can provide a decent sized harvest with a limited clean up. Learn More

FB-Logo-wB-ii-150Food Bike is a card game that teaches players WHY they need to eat healthy by having them play as merchants upselling the health benefits of the fruits and vegetables they’ve grown (in the game) to win over customers.  Learn More

PM-Logo-wB-150Promo Materials show students different ways to get the word out about their mock business’s greens.  Learn More
PSR-Logo-wB-150Students come up with their own step by step guide on  how to grow one of the foods found in the Food Bike card game.
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CFMP Level I
is part of the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline

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