Crest--CFMPiLev2i-285CFMP Level II: Profit and Loss – Students go beyond microgreens in Level II by growing cherry tomatoes, root vegetables, and more.  Entrepreneurship is further explored through another card game and assignments that get into the nuts and bolts of running a business covering concepts like gross margin, product surveys, prototypes, and basic accounting.

PG-CFMP-II-Logo-wB-150The 12 Bottle Top Portable Garden Bin (PG12) has a harvest four times the size of the PG3Learn More

MDI-Logo-wB-150Building on the concepts introduced in Food Bike, Million Dollar Idea is the second card game that has players take turns being a customer while the other players try to convince them to purchase their products accumulating market share in the process.  Learn More

CC Logo g-150Cash Count is a dice game that uses the Harvest Sheet to help determine if a student posts a profit or not.  Learn More

STF-Logo-150Startup Test Flight has students use surveys to figure out what other fruits and vegetables will sell well in their area.  From there, they plan out how and what they need to grow and what their costs will be.  Learn More

is part of the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline

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