Crest--CFMPiLev3-285CFMP Level III: Investors – Students find out how much faster they can grow a variety of greens with an L.E.D light.  Special growing lights cost money which is why CFMP Level III has a series of games focused on how to raise funds to build future food empires.

PG-CFMP-III-Logo-wB-150The 15 Bottle Top Portable Garden with Lid Bin (PG15) increases the potential yield 25% compared to the PG12 with the easy cleaning of the PG3Learn MoreCI-Logo-150The Cashless Incubator is a card game prequel to Million Dollar Idea that teaches players how to build their business with little or no money by trading their skills for products and resources they need to make their own products to sell to other companies.  Learn More

ER-Logo-wB-150Educated Risk puts students in the role of investors spending fictitious money they earn during game play on three winning startups in hopes their investments pay off.  Learn More

PD-Logo-wB-150Pitch Drill is a fast paced introduction to business plans and pitching by having students develop and present a profitable solution for a specific problem before a panel of volunteer judges.  Learn More

is part of the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline

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