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crest-cfmp-285[Availability depends on the food grown for sale policies of your local Health Department]

The Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) has students grow in class nutritious  greens that are harvested monthly for a restaurant partner  to serve to their customers.   It’s made up of: Portable Gardens, Bottle Drives, Food Slips, and Bottle Growers.


The microgreens can be used as a garnish or in specific dishes like salads as they’re served for that school’s week.  Higher levels of the CFMP grow different foods.

Cone Toppers 1200x630-a

Table toppers, flyers, and social media images using student artwork help get the word out to the school and surrounding community when the greens are available at the restaurant.

For schools with outdoor gardens, we can coordinate with the restaurant partner to serve some of your crops in the fall and spring using the CFMP delivery schedule.


The goal is to teach students about growing food, the farm to fork concept, and a bit about entrepreneurship.  All this with only taking up about 30 minutes of class time twice a month once setup.


Designed with Elementary Schools, Middle & High School Science Classes, and Family Consumer Science Courses in mind, the CFMP has three levels designed to complement existing curriculum.  In addition to the entrepreneur games, a different growing technique is taught in each level.

SIMPLE VERSION (little class time available):

CFMP I – Marketing (Microgreens)

Students only grow Microgreens in class.  Additional parts like the nutrition card game Food Bike, the chance for students to help design the Promo Materials, and the ability to earn their own Portable Garden kit as a Practice Sales Rep are provided, but not required (can be done by students after school for extra credit if they choose).

Crest--CFMP-IBi-150CFMP I – Marketing (Microgreens)

Students grow Microgreens in class while: 1) playing the nutrition based card game Food Bike, 2) coming up with print and online Promo Materials to promote their greens, and finally, 3) students have the chance to take part in a customer referral program called Practice Sales Rep where students can earn points towards a Portable Garden of their own and money for their school similar to a school magazine drive.

CFMP II – Profit & Loss (Baby Greens)

Students grow Baby Gre in class while playing the Million Dollar Idea and Cashless Incubator card games.  Students track their “sales” and “costs” for every harvest in Startup Test Flight.

CFMP III – Investors (Full Greens)

Students grow Full Greens in class while playing Educated Risk and Pitch Drill to prepare for their final business plan presentations during the PitchPocalypse.

If your school or restaurant is interested in taking part in the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline, please Contact Us

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