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student-jobHiring Talented Workers?

ReBuildUp Can Help!

Our Job programs help connect your business with local talent trained in the soft skills you’re looking for every time you submit a job listing in search of part time staff, full time work, interns, or apprentices.

growbuckIf you’re not familiar with ReBuildUp, we provide home and classroom programs to help teach students and adults through gamification the soft skills of scheduling, project management, accounting, salesmanship, problem solving, and more to assist you in recruiting the best employees.

Use the form below to submit the details about your employment opportunity which we’ll post the following Wednesday on The Wednesday List for program users to review. Applicants interested will send their resume along with relevant experience gained from using our programs. You can contact us to verify their information if necessary.

growbuckLet us know if you’d like to also offer some of our programs at your establishment.

Listing and program kits are currently free to businesses in Greensboro and the surrounding area.

For example: Saturdays 10am-4pm, requires Work Permit, Reliable Transportation, Start Date, etc.)
For example: in person, phone, email, and/or specific website url like a contact page. NOTE: this info will be posted publicly online.

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