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As a Business Partner, you help connect students to real world economics by sharing* your knowledge and resources while boosting your business in the process.

There are multiple ways you can take part; deciding your level of involvement as you go. Click on the programs below to learn more and fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get involved. Training videos and other resources are available to help once you sign up as a Business Partner.

*All interactions with students are anonymous with students identified by their assigned GrowBuck letter.


Connect with Job Seeking Students

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Boost Traffic with a Donation Drive

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Put Unused Inventory to Good Use

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Get Attention by Filling Empty Shelves

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Learn How the Next Generation Thinks

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Business Partner

ReBuildUp, LLC is a for profit company

GrowBuckReBuildUp, LLC is a for-profit company. Some of our efforts can be considered the work of non-profits, but other services are classified as for profit.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding our status. We’re happy to work with those looking to improve our schools and communities.


We reserve the right to reject job listings, item donations, and/or sponsorships we find unsuitable for our school partners like businesses selling potentially controversial products or services that might distract from our programs’ focus on health and jobs.

If for some reason the program, listing, or donation does not take place, advertisers, donors, and/or sponsors will be given the option to redirect their funds towards another school or be refunded in the form of a mailed check for the amount paid minus any processing fees.

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