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Four ways your business or classroom can take part every month





“Don’t Bring Me a Problem, Bring Me a Solution”

Local Congress (LC) allows the next generation of workers currently in middle and high school to exchange their views with business owners allowing both groups to respectfully learn from the other with a strong emphasis on suggesting solutions. This is done by having students and business owners take turns serving as “extra” US Congress members surveying their piers and casting votes on current business legislation.

Because business legislation can change rapidly as it works its way through legislative process, Local Congress focuses on the overall concept of current legislation as opposed to getting lost in the fine details.

To begin, a Student Representative is elected to vote on one piece of US Congress related business legislation on behalf of their class. Their votes will be combined with the votes of other classrooms and business owners to decide whether or not the legislation passes in the Local Congress scenario.

growbuck-285 By partnering with businesses, students get the chance to practice a respectful exchange of views with citizens who have a very different perspective from their own. The program requires about 30-40 minutes (5-20 minutes per section) of class time during the month with little or no paper work involved.

Local Congress requires the instructor to help oversee the election of a student representative in their classroom.

To ensure a free exchange of ideas, Students and Business Owners taking part will remain anonymous so the only thing that can be discussed are the ideas being shared. Only the vote totals and top 3 “Yes” and “No” anonymous statements will be posted for review. When voting “Yes,” Representatives must explain why the legislation solves the problem at hand while those voting “No” must provide a better solution.

For Business Owners with very busy schedules, they can appoint a manager or other employee to vote on their behalf. A training video will be available for participants to cover all the steps of the program for both Students and Business Owners.

Local Congress Schedule for the Month
1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week

Elect Student
Rep Discussion
th Classroom

crest-cfmp-2851st Week: Elect Student Representative
A new student is elected by fellow classmates to fill the role of US Representative for their classroom. After being elected, the student is tasked with researching the legislation topic which will be posted on rebuildup.com the first Tuesday of the Local Congress month. The Student Rep can be compensated for their time with extra credit and/or GrowBucks (if your school also participates in the GrowBuck program).

growbuck-285 2nd Week: Rep Discussion with Classroom
The Student Representative spends 5-10 minutes sharing with the classroom what they’ve learned about the bill and ask students for their feedback and advice on how they’d like their Rep to vote.

growbuck-285 3rd Week: Rep Votes
The Student Representative casts their vote based on the general consensus of the classroom. This vote is given to the instructor along with any written statement they have about the legislation in support or opposition to the bill. Instructor sends this information to rebuildup.com.

growbuck-285 4th Week: Results Posted
Once all votes have been received from classrooms and business owners, the vote results and the top 3 “YEA” and “NAY” Rep statements are posted on rebuildup.com showing whether or not the legislation passed. The Student Representative then informs the classroom about these results. Representatives are encouraged to share one or more of the statements from those who voted opposite of the classroom to give students a different perspective.

Local Congress is free to participate in for schools using the GrowBuck program.

Contact Us about your classroom or business joining our upcoming Local Congress session.

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