Student Wish List

2019-2020 Student Wish Listings

[listings will be available Spring 2020]


Help Students
Help your Business

That’s the idea behind Student Wish List, an add on to our GrowBuck by ReBuildUp program.
Student Wish List (SWL) gives students who don’t have anything to bring from home something to buy and sell when using GrowBucks. SP aims to match each participating classroom with one Business Partner. However, when there aren’t enough Business Partners available, the program can be arranged where the one class with a Business Partner sells the items received to non-Business Partner classrooms during a lunch time student market.


Each month, students vote on Wish List items they’d like donated.
Each item needs to be under $20 in value and a bulk item such as a bag of craft sticks that can be sold to students individually. Single items can be rented out like, for example, a custom cut hole puncher.


The top 3 vote getting Wish List items are then forwarded to you, the Business Partner. The Wish List is updated in the middle of each month (Oct-Apr) on
with email notifications available when you subscribe to this blog (see upper left corner).


You’ll use this Wish List to organize a donation drive asking people through social media and mailing lists to drop off the requested items at your place of business. The monthly donation drive typically runs for two weeks unless all items are donated in a shorter time frame. You can give donors the option to have donated items ordered online shipped to your location. If no donated items are collected, we request you as the Business Partner acquire at least one of the Wish List items to donate. ReBuildUp can assist with developing your donation drive strategy.

NOTE: Business Partners can skip the donation drive by donating the 3 Wish List items themselves every month (about a $60 per month commitment October through May).


At the end of the donation drive, tag your donors in a thank you post with a picture of your filled donation box, and then drop it off at the school. Only publicly mention/tag donors who wish to be recognized whenever you thank donors; listing all others as “anonymous” to protect their privacy. Remember to look up school address and front office hours before making your monthly Wish List delivery. In some areas, there may be Business Partners willing to pick up and drop off your monthly donation for you.


From there, items are given to students to sell during the next school market. A different group of students is picked by the instructor each month to sell your donated items to ensure every student gets a chance at being a merchant. Donated items are often used to make value added items to sell like a student purchasing beads and twine to make and sell jewelry or turning colored paper into origami animals.


Thanks to your involvement, students get to practice financial literacy, and math skills while boosting foot traffic to your place of business.
Our goal is to boost math scores at low (and high) performing schools by giving them the tools to build their very own (math intensive) economy.

If interested, visit our Business Partner page to contact us regarding organizing a Wish List Donation Drive.

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