growbuck If you’re currently a Local Business Employee, you can sign up for your own discount code to start earning money with REBUILDUP.NET Discount Network by visiting and clicking on the “Spend Vouchers Here” section to find the Clearing House nearest to you. Click on the Clearing House website link to find their contact information and tell them you’re interested in signing up.

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growbuck Discount Clubs are groups of residences that each month purchase discounted items using the code of a Growing Skills Course graduate in return for possible help with local problems in their neighborhood.

This is a great way to take part if you’re not a teacher or business owner.

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growbuckSchool Partners can be traditional and non-traditional schools along with Congregations, Food Pantries, and even Businesses that use ReBuildUp’s Home & Class Kit in some form of classroom at their location for one 3 month season.

School Partners have the option of signing up for REBUILDUP.NET’s Discount Network to help fund participating classrooms through a partnership with local Businesses Partners.

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Business Partners, through sponsoring ReBuildUp’s programs, connect students to opportunities around them. Sponsorships cover either a three month competition season or a one month Growing Skills Course.

In addition to sponsoring programs, Business Partners can use REBUILDUP.NET’s Discount Network as a tool to grow their company’s customer base.

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