growbuck Discount Clubs are groups of residences that each month purchase discounted items using the code of a Growing Skills Course graduate in return for possible help with local problems in their neighborhood.

This is a great way to take part if you’re not a teacher or business owner.

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growbuckSchool Partners can be traditional and non-traditional schools along with Congregations, Food Pantries, and even Businesses that use ReBuildUp’s Home & Class Kit in some form of classroom at their location for one 3 month season.

School Partners have the option of signing up for ReBuildUp.Net’s Discount Network to help fund participating classrooms through a partnership with local Businesses Partners.

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Business Partners, through sponsoring ReBuildUp’s programs, connect students to opportunities around them. Sponsorships cover either a three month competition season or a one month Growing Skills Course.

In addition to sponsoring programs, Business Partners can use ReBuildUp.Net’s Discount Network as a tool to grow their company’s customer base.

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