Business Partners


Business Partners play the important role of helping provide resources, opportunities, and sponsorships for classrooms in their area through the Discount Network and Solution Network.

It can also be used as a tool to grow a company’s customer base. To take part, a Business Partner must be majority locally owned within the county it participates in.

The Discount Network has been developed to keep a steady supply of needed resources going to participating classrooms through a partnership with local businesses who offer discounts to customers using one or more classroom id’s. Business Partners are provided with instruction videos and a sales portal after sign up. See the Discount Network for yourself at


A Business Partner can take part in the Solution Network  by providing multiple opportunities for classes like resources, host their artwork, new products, offer job/intern openings, and more. Business Partners are also able to find classrooms in their county to sponsor through this network. This is an internal network only available to instructors, players, and business partners.

The kits a business sponsors come with everything needed except for the water bottles to get started.

The ReBuildUp Home & Class kit is designed to accommodate players at home and students both in class and remote learning. This means it can be setup at home and brought to class later on and vice versa when needed. Players register their kits through their School to compete with other classrooms in up to three different Leagues.

If a School Partner can’t be found right away, a Small Business Class can be launched by the Business Partner where customers pick up and take home a ReBuildUp Home & Class kit.

Players can also earn spending vouchers to buy real items when family and friends use the last digits of the Player ID to earn discounts from business partners.

Player made products may also be sold at participating businesses with empty shelf space to earn additional vouchers sent to the Player or the Parent/Guardian of an underage Player the following month.

If you’re interested in taking part or at least learning more, feel free to fill out and send the form above or Contact Us. We typically respond in 1 business day. Check your “Junk” folder if you don’t see a reply after 24 hours.

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