Business Partners

growbuckBusiness Partners (BP’s) have the option to do a little or a lot with their ReBuildUp partnership.

As a BP,  keep money local with with Local Businesses Vouchers, you can boost sales with the Discount Network,  or combine the two for the biggest impact reducing wage inflation, sponsor food growing lessons for students in your area, and more.

REBUILDUP.NET is home to both our Local Business Voucher and Discount Network. Both of these are designed to give your company an edge against your big box competitors.

growbuckLocal Business Vouchers can help your business offset wage inflation while ensuring that money spent local, stays local (see VOUCHERS video).

Employees can earn vouchers as customer tips through REBUILDUP.NET (see DISCOUNT NETWORK video).

Once a Local Business Voucher(LBV) is received as a payment, a business can recirculate it by offering a voucher as part of a bonus pay for employees when your company meets sales goals.

Vouchers double as an inexpensive form of advertising if your business is also the issuer of the LBV. Once expired, LBV’s can be redeemed for normal cash or store credit by Business Partners only at the nearest Clearing House. LBV’s are issued in $5 values.

NOTE: LBV’s are printed on security paper and come with multiple unique identifiers to ensure authenticity.

growbuckThe Discount Network helps drive customers to your location while simultaneously putting extra funds in the pockets of Growing Skills Course graduates also enrolled in our Junior Junior College or 3rd-12th grade classrooms every time a buyer uses their promo code to purchase one of your discounted products or services. The Discount Network transforms your local economy into a bigger and bigger investment portfolio with every new BP that offers a discount (see DISCOUNT NETWORK video).

growbuckTo make sure there’s an audience for your discount post, we have Discount Clubs. Discount Clubs are groups of residences (houses or apartments) that have agreed to purchase a minimum number of discounted items each month using the code of a Growing Skills Course graduate enrolled in our Junior Junior College in return for possible help with local problems in their neighborhood (see DISCOUNT CLUB video)

growbuckThe local money focus of supports‘s mission of providing Math, Science, Financial and Economic Literacy curriculum to students throughout your county in either traditional schools or remedial adult courses.

growbuckBP’s are invited to sponsor a 3 month season of the Food Growing League for one or more classrooms or a 1 month Growing Skills Course held for all ages (under age students require parent or guardian participation).

In addition to doing a good deed, your sponsorship will also be highlighted on your company profile whenever you offer a discount on REBUILDUP.NET’s Discount Network.

A Business Partner must be majority locally owned within the county it’s registered in (sorry, no franchises) to take part in the Discount Network and to be listed accepting Local Business Vouchers on REBUILDUP.NET .

Businesses offering mainly adult only goods and services like bars can accept vouchers, but cannot participate in the open Discount Network to avoid underage students using their codes to promote 18+ or 21+ products. A limited version of the Discount Network is available for 18+ or 21+ oriented Business Partners. There are exceptions like bar & grills that offer discounts as long as they are for food and other non-alcohol items. Contact us with questions about this policy.

If you meet these qualifications, fill out the form below to sign up as a basic Business Partner so you can start offering discounts on your products and services along with accept Local Business Vouchers for free and learn more about the other ways you can grow your company and your local economy.


If you’re interested in taking part or at least learning more, feel free to fill out and send the form above or Contact Us. We typically respond in 1 business day. Check your “Junk” folder if you don’t see a reply after 24 hours.

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