Discount Club


After students graduate from ReBuildUp’s Growing Skills Course, and continue in our Junior Junior College, they can sign up for a discount code.

Discount Clubs are groups of residences (houses or apartments) that agree to purchase a minimum number of discounted items each month using only one graduate’s discount code to ensure the graduate has extra money available for whatever project they’ve chosen to pursue.

In return, members of Discount Clubs can send in local problems they’re experiencing for Business Partners to try and solve with the help of graduates as a form of community service while promoting their business in the process.

Clubs are ideally made up of about 10 homes on the same street or apartments in the same complex. Clubs require one person to serve as the Captain of the group who interacts with ReBuildUp when registering their group and helping find graduates in their area to support.

NOTE: You can setup an unofficial Discount Club made up of your family and friends in your county. However, this unofficial group won’t qualify for the community service part.

Contact us here to learn more about setting up your own Discount Club.

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