Neighborhood Partners

Food Growing League 2021
Winter Season (now recruiting)
Results will be posted mid-April


A Neighborhood Partner is a group of houses on the same street, apartment floor, or homes in a rural area grouped together that take part in one or more of the ReBuildUp Leagues found in ReBuildUp’s Home Edition kit.

Use the ReBuildUp Leagues to bring your neighborhood together through friendly competition with other neighborhoods as you take part in growing food indoors, setup a mini economy at home, or see how many problems players can solve.

Kits come with everything needed except for the water bottles. Printed instructions and links to step by step videos show Players how simple it is to take part in the Food Growing League, GrowBuck League, and League of Solutions.

Players decide their own schedule over the course of each 3 month season.

Business Partners may be available to sponsor the ReBuildUp Leagues in your neighborhood if needed.

In addition to the Leagues, the Solution Network provides multiple opportunities for players looking to gain resources for their projects along with job/intern opportunities.

If you’re interested in taking part or at least learning more, feel free to fill out and send the form above or Contact Us. We typically respond in 1 business day. Check your “Junk” folder if you don’t see a reply after 24 hours.

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