8/29: ReBuildUp Course @ YWCA spnsrd by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union

RBC-YWCA-GSO-15i-300PRIVATE EVENT – On Saturday, August 29th, our ReBuildUp Course (a series of business mini-games) will be held for women enrolled in YWCA’s Passion to Purse program.  This event is sponsored by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union.

The Passion to Purse Program seeks to improve the economic independence of Greensboro women and their children by implementing a comprehensive project assisting low or no income women to start and maintain micro-enterprises.

After the six week course is finished, participants are eligible to compete in our PitchPocalypse business plan pitching contest held Saturday, October 24th awarding cash prizes to top winners to help launch their businesses.  To participate, you must be enrolled in the Passion to Purse program.  Contact the YWCA Greensboro for details.