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The Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) has students divide into teams to grow in class up to 8 different vegetables, fruits, herbs, and/or spices for monthly harvesting.

The growing techniques are simple and can be done at home even for those living in apartments using seeds and other materials provided by the CFMP. Harvests can be given to a wildlife rescue, animal hospital, or pet store to feed small animals like turtles, rabbits, and hamsters. We have received approval for this program from the County Health Department. Please review the CFMP to get more familiar with the program if not already.

For new schools starting out at Level I, we suggest piloting this program in one classroom during the first semester and spreading it to more classes based on available funding. If funding isn’t available, we have a fund raising option involving our Health Tips and social media to continue growing the program.

The CFMP’s goal is to increase food & nutrition security through indoor home gardens and better eating habits. The games, activities, and assignments can be customized to help teach Math and Reading lessons of the instructor’s choosing.

Growing Greens

Teams of two students (or 3 if necessary) will each receive a 3 Bottle Top Portable Garden Mini Bin (PG3) to grow that month’s selected seed in class over a two week period (growing schedule provided). Each month, the team with the largest harvest by weight (scale provided) will receive PG3 containers to use at home.

After each harvest, students can take home extra seeds to grow in personal Bottle Growers. Giving the home harvest to their family to eat with dinner can count for service learning hours or extra credit. We ask parents to encourage home growing when possible. Instructor training can take place in person or online depending on location.

Entrepreneur Games

Marketing is the theme of the optional CFMP Level I games. Food Bike teaches students why to eat healthy, Promo Materials shows students how to get the word out about their mock business, and Discount Card has students come up with offers to help sell their fictitious foods.

Schools have the option to allow students to voluntarily showcase their artwork in the form of flyers or table toppers at a sponsor’s place of business in return for the young artists receiving gift certificates from the sponsor.

Health Tips

Health Tips are a daily infographic posted on the Facebook page created by ReBuildUp to journal the health efforts throughout the school year. The school is encouraged to share the Facebook page, the daily Health Tips, and pictures of students growing greens on their school’s and/or PTA’s official Facebook Page. The Health Tips shared feature over 100 different vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. The goal is to help influence the shopping habits of parents so they can provide the healthiest options for their children when possible.

Funding through Health Tips

Unless funded by the school, the CFMP is funded primarily by Individual and Business Sponsors of our Health Tips for a small fee (typically $3-5 per day). These Daily Sponsors can choose to fund a single day or more. The individual’s image or business logo they’ve chosen to upload will be featured on the right side of the Health Tip(s) being sponsoring. These Health Tips are posted on the Facebook page setup to journal the school’s CFMP throughout the school year.

In addition to efforts by ReBuildUp to find sponsors in the community, students are welcome to help recruit sponsors in their area. In return, students earn additional food growing supplies to use at home similar to how a magazine drive works. To protect student identities, students who sign up are assigned a code number in class they can give out to family and friends to use when purchasing sponsorships without ever using their names.

This is a voluntary option for the school and students, who are under no obligation to take part, but will need parent/guardian permission to do so. Non- participating students still have the opportunity to earn additional growing supplies as prizes for the largest monthly harvest and for some of the games that come with the CFMP.

Growing supplies earned by students are sent to the school at the end of December and May.

Visit our Daily Sponsors page to get more details about how sponsorship works.


We rely on harvest data, exit surveys, and other metrics to help gauge the success of the CFMP along with what still needs improvement. We base the current version of the CFMP on teacher and student feedback from our 2016-2017 Partners.

About ReBuildUp, LLC

Founded March 1st, 2014 in Greensboro, NC, ReBuildUp is a Curriculum Development company focused on Health & Entrepreneurship. The CFMP is the combination of our Entrepreneurship games and Health Program. Learn more About Us here.

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