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New Economy, Jr. 2015 Edition

EJ-Logo-800x800In late January/early February 2015 we plan on releasing an updated version of Economy, Jr. that will include the following additions:

– Player Orientation Video
– Credit Card Monthly Payment Store for Customer Players
– Business Licenses for Merchant Players
– One more addition in the works.

Contact us if you’re interesting in pre-ordering the new kit.

Thanks again for your support!

PICTURES: 11/25 Economy, Jr. @ Grimsley High School sponsored by Summit Credit Union

Sponsored by Summit Credit Union, here’s what the all day Economy, Jr. at Grimsley High School looked like:
1st Period
2nd Period
3rd Period
4th Period
5th Period
6th Period

11/25 Economy, Jr. @ Grimsley High School sponsored by Summit Credit Union

rebuildup_CRESTS-GHS-EJ-PTA-1-300PRIVATE EVENT – On Tuesday, November 25th, Economy, Jr. will be held for over 300 Career Tech Students(!) at Grimsley High School.  This all day event will have TEN TIMES the number of players compared to previous single day Economy, Jr. events.  Volunteers are being organized in part by Grimsley PTA with Summit Credit Union as the event sponsor.

PICTURES: Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series Completed sponsored by Summit Credit Union

gsofall-siteThank you again to Summit Credit Union for sponsoring the Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series that ran October 7th to November 4th, 2014 at all Greensboro Public Library Branches.

Here is a recap of events in pictures:

















10/21 TE @ McNairy Library N&R Game Headline

rebuildup_CRESTS-GlennMcNairy-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The News & Record Headline we’ll be using for the Cashless Incubator part of our two game Teen Entrepreneur event at Glenn McNairy Library tonight from 6-8pm will be: “Greensboro pizza delivery man robbed.”

The Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series is sponsored by Summit Credit UnionCall 336-373-2015 to RSVP or just show up at 6pm.

10/21 Teen Entrepreneur @ Glenn McNairy Library sponsored by Summit Credit Union

rebuildup_CRESTS-GlennMcNairy-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series arrives in Northwestern Greensboro at Glenn McNairy Library on Tuesday, October 21st 6-8pm.  Sponsored by Summit Credit Union, teens get to play Pitch Drill and The Cashless Incubator back to back to learn the skills to make their own product ideas a reality.  Players are eligible to enter our $300 PitchPocalypse on November 18th at Central Library.

Call 336-373-2015 to RSVP.  Hope to see you there!

Thank You B’nai Shalom Day School

Thank you again for ReBuildUp’s warm welcome at B’nai Shalom Day School.  The first round of Economy, Jr. went great with 29 5th-8th grade students playing as either Customers or Merchants.

Looking forward to Round 2 in early November.

PICTURES: 10/14 Teen Ent. @ Central Library sponsored by Summit Credit Union

CentralTE-1-300We had a good time at the Teen Entrerpeneur event at Central Library Tuesday, October 14th sponsored by Summit Credit Union.
Team 1 got the win during the Pitch Drill event with their creative solution to feeding the hungry.
Team 13 won out the Cashless Incubator game with their answer for liquid nicotine poisonings which was our News & Record game headline.

On to our next Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series event at Glenn McNairy Library on Tuesday, October 21st 6-8pm.

10/16 TE @ Benjamin Library N&R Game Headline

rebuildup_CRESTS-Benjamin-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The problem players of the Cashless Incubator will be solving tonight involves “Pet adoption fairs and fundraisers.”

This problem is from today’s News & Record and you can try solving it by coming out to Benjamin Library tonight 6-8pm.  Players also get to play Pitch Drill along with become eligible to enter our $300 PitchPocaylpse pitching contest November 18th 6-8pm at Central Library.  Call 336-373-7540 to RSVP for tonight’s event.

Tonight’s event is sponsored by Summit Credit Union.

PICTURES: Economic Literacy Summer Series Complete sponsored by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union

gso-summer-logo-285-v2Thanks to all the branches of the Greensboro Public Library along with sponsor Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit for making the Economic Literacy Summer Series possible.  Not to mention all the volunteers and participants.  We’ll be announcing a similar event in the fall, but in the meantime, check out pictures from this June 7th to August 5th summer program:

Event ImageKathClay-600-1
Event ImageHemphill-1-600
Event ImageBENJ-4-600
Event Imagemcgirt-2-600
Event ImageVance-3
Event ImageGlenwood-1-600
Event ImageVANCE2-1
Event ImageCentral-1-600