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Food Growing League (NC1A): Round 1 – Beets

Cone Elementary vs Sugarloaf Elementary vs Stokesdale Elementary

This is the first series of match ups of the new Food Growing League (FGL). We’d like to thank Cone, Sugarloaf, and Stokesdale Elementaries for participating. Dillard Middle is being moved to a separate division (NC1B) due to weather/scheduling issues.  Thanks also to Bulldog Printing for helping sponsor the 1st Round.

Below are infographics for each match in the round followed by the class ranking so far and individual team rank. The infographics can be clicked on and printed out to display in the classroom to let students know how well they did this month.

Food Bike at Cone ES sponsored by Dame’s Chicken & Waffles

On Halloween Day at Cone Elementary, 4th graders got to play the new version of the nutrition card game Food Bike.

In addition to teaching about the health benefits of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices, Food Bike is being used to start the Promo Materials activity for students where they make flyers and table toppers promoting a particular food.

Cone Elementary’s 1st harvest sponsored by Emma Keys Burgers

Cone Elementary 4th Graders had their first harvest of tendergreens on Friday, October 20th. The harvest is part of the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) at Cone sponsored this month by Emma Keys Flat Top Burgers.

Students watered their greens for two weeks before the harvest.

Teams took turns cutting their tendergreens to find out how much they weighed.

Team 3 took first place to start off the growing season that will run until May featuring seven more foods to be planted.

The full harvest was delivered to a nearby animal hospital to be used as rabbit food.

Classroom Farming returns to Cone Elementary

On Friday October 6th, Fourth graders at Cone Elementary resumed the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP). This month of the CFMP is sponsored by Emma Keys Flat Top Grill.

Students in teams of 2 got the chance to build their own mini-Portable Gardens that they’ll be in charge of for the remainder of the school year.

This year’s version of the CFMP brings with it a new food to plant each month.

MDI donated to 7 GCS Schools by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union

mdi-bulk-485Special thanks to Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union for donating 4 decks each of our entrepreneur card game Million Dollar Idea to the business classes of seven area Guilford County Schools with a total of 28 decks donated.

REGISTRATION REMINDER: 2/21 ReBuildUp Course @ Central Library sponsored by Michael Robinson Accounting


Schools who’ve submitted their full roster list (up to 3 students)

• Ben L Smith High School
• Wesleyan Christian Academy

QUALIFIER EVENT – On Saturday, February 21st, Central Library in Downtown Greensboro will be hosting the ReBuildUp Course from 1:00-5:30pm to select the 8 finalists for the PitchPocalypse pitching contest held the following Thursday, February 26th 6-8pm also at Central Library.This event is sponsored by Michael Robinson Accounting with Shift, the Nussbaum Center’s Entrepreneur Group, helping coordinate volunteers.

The ReBuildUp Course introduces players to the fundamentals of starting their own small business.  It involves participating schools each sending up to three of their students who show an interest in entrepreneurship to play on their school’s behalf.

RT-ItemsAll four ReBuildUp games will be played: Million Dollar Idea, Economy, Jr., Pitch Drill, and The Cashless Incubator.

Contact Us for details on how your teen can participate.  Friday at 5pm, February 6th is the sign up deadline.

SPG-Logo-RT-150The ReBuildUp Course is part of ReBuildUp’s Startup Program.

PICTURES: 11/25 Economy, Jr. @ Grimsley High School sponsored by Summit Credit Union

Sponsored by Summit Credit Union, here’s what the all day Economy, Jr. at Grimsley High School looked like:
1st Period
2nd Period
3rd Period
4th Period
5th Period
6th Period

11/25 Economy, Jr. @ Grimsley High School sponsored by Summit Credit Union

rebuildup_CRESTS-GHS-EJ-PTA-1-300PRIVATE EVENT – On Tuesday, November 25th, Economy, Jr. will be held for over 300 Career Tech Students(!) at Grimsley High School.  This all day event will have TEN TIMES the number of players compared to previous single day Economy, Jr. events.  Volunteers are being organized in part by Grimsley PTA with Summit Credit Union as the event sponsor.

Economy, Jr. Deep Roots event mentioned in Natural Triad Magazine

NT logo3.inddJanuary NT 2014.indd Look for our upcoming Economy, Jr. event being held Sunday, January 19th at Deep Roots Market in Downtown Greensboro from 2:00-3:30pm mentioned in the News Brief section (page 13) of Natural Triad Magazine’s January Issue.
DR-YWCA-800x800-1NTM can be found at over 1,000 locations throughout the Triad (Guilford, Forsyth, Alamance, Randolph, Rockingham, Stokes and Davidson counties).

Click Here to see mention of Economy, Jr. in the online version of NTM.