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Food Growing League (NC1A): Round 1 – Beets

Cone Elementary vs Sugarloaf Elementary vs Stokesdale Elementary

This is the first series of match ups of the new Food Growing League (FGL). We’d like to thank Cone, Sugarloaf, and Stokesdale Elementaries for participating. Dillard Middle is being moved to a separate division (NC1B) due to weather/scheduling issues.  Thanks also to Bulldog Printing for helping sponsor the 1st Round.

Below are infographics for each match in the round followed by the class ranking so far and individual team rank. The infographics can be clicked on and printed out to display in the classroom to let students know how well they did this month.

Stokesdale Elementary Plants Beet Microgreens

Following their December Training Session, 5th Grade AIG students at Stokesdale Elementary planted their first seeds of the season on Wednesday, January 3rd thanks to the sponsorship of Bulldog Printing.

In two weeks, their beet microgreen crop will be ready to harvest.

Beets are one of the three cold weather seeds selected for this extra cold winter season.

Cone ES feeds turtles w/ classroom harvest

Cone Elementary students last week completed this month’s Classroom to Food Market Pipeline by planting, growing, harvesting, and finally giving beet microgreens to the Piedmont Wildlife Rehab to help feed turtles in their care.

Students plan to do it again in December with their Garden Cress harvest.

Thank you to Dame’s Chicken & Waffles for financially supporting this program at Cone Elementary.

Food Bike at Cone ES sponsored by Dame’s Chicken & Waffles

On Halloween Day at Cone Elementary, 4th graders got to play the new version of the nutrition card game Food Bike.

In addition to teaching about the health benefits of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices, Food Bike is being used to start the Promo Materials activity for students where they make flyers and table toppers promoting a particular food.

Cone Elementary’s 1st harvest sponsored by Emma Keys Burgers

Cone Elementary 4th Graders had their first harvest of tendergreens on Friday, October 20th. The harvest is part of the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) at Cone sponsored this month by Emma Keys Flat Top Burgers.

Students watered their greens for two weeks before the harvest.

Teams took turns cutting their tendergreens to find out how much they weighed.

Team 3 took first place to start off the growing season that will run until May featuring seven more foods to be planted.

The full harvest was delivered to a nearby animal hospital to be used as rabbit food.

Classroom Farming returns to Cone Elementary

On Friday October 6th, Fourth graders at Cone Elementary resumed the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP). This month of the CFMP is sponsored by Emma Keys Flat Top Grill.

Students in teams of 2 got the chance to build their own mini-Portable Gardens that they’ll be in charge of for the remainder of the school year.

This year’s version of the CFMP brings with it a new food to plant each month.

#ConeGreens students planting basil in May


Cone Elementary
students are rounding out the school year by planting basil in Bottle Growers.

Special thanks to Tessa Farm to Fork for sponsoring this year’s Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) at Cone Elementary.

Check out Tessa Farm to Fork for yourself!


Located at 3929 Battleground Avenue | Greensboro, NC 27410  336.763.1256 and online at tessagreensboro.com and facebook.com/tessafarmtofork

#ConeGreens @TessaFarmtoFork March 21st-26th

Cone Facebook Mar 600x315

Student grown microgreens from Cone Elementary for the month of March are available this evening at Tessa Farm to Fork.

Info on how and when to get there:


Located at 3929 Battleground Avenue | Greensboro, NC 27410  336.763.1256 and online at tessagreensboro.com and facebook.com/tessafarmtofork

CFMP Teacher Training at Summerfield Elementary


On Thursday, March 9th, Summerfield Elementary became the fourth and final school to form a Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) with Tessa Farm to Fork in Greensboro, NC.  The teacher training featured multiple 5th grade teachers at the school.

Summerfield Elementary is unique in that they’ll also have some of their school garden grown produce also served at Tessa in the spring time in addition to the in class grown microgreens.

Be on the look out for Summerfield Elementary’s first micro green delivery Tuesday, March 27th served until April 2nd unless supplies run out sooner.