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ReBuildUp turns 6!

ReBuildUp turns 6 today and we’d like to thank all the teachers, students, schools, sponsors, and everyone else whose helped make this possible.

Since March 1st 2014, we’ve been trying out new ideas here and there and we look forward to the coming year being the one we finally ramp things up and increase the number of schools taking part in a big way.

Thanks again to all of you who have come along for the ride.

Championship Round – Food Growing League 2018-19 Spring Season – ReBuildUp

Click thumbnails for printable images of each Match
plus Class & Team Ranking


It’s finally here, the 2018-19 Food Growing League Spring Season Championship. Started in February, students have been growing their basil plants for 3 months now. See pictures of what they’ve grown and find out which classes had the tallest harvests in the video, podcast, and scorecards above. If viewing in an email, click page link above to view video and podcast.

We’d like to thank the teachers who helped make this program possible in their classrooms!

If you’d like your class to join the League, you can learn more by clicking here.

We’re also launching our attendance and financial literacy GrowBuck program that can be integrated with the League for those interested in a new way to help students practice their math skills.

Hope everyone has a great summer and we look forward to the Fall Season starting in October.

Round 2 of Food Growing League Spring Season 2018-2019 (Video & Podcast) plus Talking to Plants

Click thumbnails for printable images of each Match
plus Class & Team Ranking



March’s Round 2 of the Food Growing League Spring Season starts off in BSLA Conference with Stokesdale Elementary competing with Pleasant Garden Elementary and Match 2 with Sugarloaf Elementary up against Cone Elementary. In BSLB Conference, Invest Collegiate Middle takes on Ayden Grifton High and Leesville Road Middle vs. Eastern Wayne High. Watch video above for the results.

The rebuildup.com Podcast (click audio button above) covers Round 2 Scores for the Spring Season of the Food Growing League, Talking to Plants to help them grow, Onions for Hair Growth, Boosting attendance with GrowBucks, and more. You can also click here for this post containing Video & Audio.

Here’s the link to a video clip discussing successful experiments in helping plants grow faster through speech and music. Warning: some mild language is used as part of the experiment. CLICK HERE

Check out the new official Food Growing League T customized with your name and team number to help support growing this program.