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10/23 TE @ Vance Chavis Library News & Record Game Headline

rebuildup_CRESTS-Vance-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The News & Record Headline we’ll be using for the Cashless Incubator part of our two game Teen Entrepreneur event at Vance Chavis Library tonight from 6-8pm will be: “Teen suffered brain injury in wreck north of Burlington.”

The Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series is sponsored by Summit Credit UnionCall 336-373-5838 or just show up at the event. at 6pm.

10/14 TE @ Central News & Record Game Headline

rebuildup_CRESTS-Central-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The News & Record headline being used for tonight’s Cashless Incubator game will be: “Liquid nicotine exposures up sharply among kids.”  Players will be asked to solve this problem using the skills and resources they acquire during game play.

The Cashless Incubator is one of two games along with Pitch Drill played at each Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series event which is sponsored by Summit Credit Union.  RSVP for tonight’s game 6-8pm at Greensboro’s Central Library by calling 336-373-2471.

And remember, players of this Series are eligible to compete for $300 and other prizes in the November 18th PitchPocalypse.

10/7 N&R Game Headline: Underage Drinking

News & Record
reporter Marquita Brown’s story “New campaign to battle underage drinking” will be the problem to solve for today’s Cashless Incubator as part of the Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series at Glenwood Library from 6-8pm.

Click Here to learn more about the Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series.