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PICS: RHS Class harvest 5 CFPP Bins sponsored by Sonya Hamilton State Farm


1st Block students at Ragsdale High School harvested 5 bins in a single class as part of their Classroom to Food Pantry Pipeline (CFPP) with Hand to Hand Food Pantry sponsored by Sonya Hamilton State Farm.


This is a bit of feat for a class of 22 harvesting, cleaning, and reseeding the equivalent of seven 12 Bottle Portable Garden Bins (12BPG) because 4 of the 5 bins were the larger grey 18 Bottle Portable Garden Bins (18BPG) that each equal 1 1/2 12 BPG’s.


Parts of the harvest were filmed for an upcoming video to air on local television as part of a Gift of Giving Grant sponsored by the Four Seasons Town Centre.

Classroom to Food Bank Pipeline at Ragsdale High School

Food grown by students in Mrs. Pendrak’s (a former PitchPocalypse Winner) 2nd Block Game Design class at Ragsdale High School was successfully harvested and delivered to Renaissance Church’s Food Bank on Saturday, March 26th, as part of ReBuildUp’s “Food Bike” program.

In addition to setting up this “Classroom to Food Bank Pipeline,” students played a nutrition based card game also called “Food Bike” where they took turns being customers and merchants selling one another fruits and vegetables based on each food’s health benefits.

The Food Bike program finished up with a small cash prize contest where winners made bottle lettuce growers to see who could grow the biggest plant over the course of the program.  Coming in first was Reina, second place went to Emily, and coming in third was Cameron.

ReBuildUp is currently seeking out sponsors, donors, and grants to help make these requests a reality.

There are over 40 schools across the state wanting this for their classroom and community.  There are also teachers in both Greensboro and High Point requesting Food Bike which is important given Guilford County’s status as #1 in the nation for food insecurity.

Sponsored by Michael Robinson Accounting, the Greater High Point Food Alliance also deserves thanks for connecting Ragsdale with Renaissance Church.  For more information on “Food Bike” along with how to involve your school, congregation, or food bank, visit https://rebuildup.com/foodbike along with the Greater High Point Food Alliance at http://www.ghpfa.org

Pics: 6/8 ReBuildUp Course @ Davidson County Community College

ReBuildUp kicked off the first day of the week long Business Cents Camp at Davidson County Community College for high school students from surrounding Davidson County schools.

Economy, Jr. in the morning

Million Dollar Idea before lunch

DCCC-PD-485-iPitch Drill in the afternoon

Finished up with Cashless Incubator

6/8: All Day ReBuildUp Course @ Davidson County Community College

Crest-RC-DCCC-300-NewPRIVATE EVENT – Today we’re kicking off the week long Business Cents Camp held at Davidson County Community College with our ReBuildUp Course for about 25 students from 3 area high schools in Davidson County.  This event is organized in part by the NCCCS Small Business Center Network.

6/8: ReBuildUp Course @ DCCC

Crest-RC-DCCC-300-NewPRIVATE EVENT – The first ReBuildUp Course of the summer is set for Monday, June 8th at the College of Davidson and Davies Counties (DCCC).  This will be part of the week long Business Cents Camp held on campus for students from three area high schools.

Again, this is a private event not open to the public.  Contact us if you’re interested in a free open to the public ReBuildUp Course in your area.