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Round 4 Championship (Kale) 2018-2019 Fall Season – Food Growing League – ReBuildUp

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Round 4 is the Final Round of the 2018-2019 Food Growing League Fall Season with Cone Elementary (Greensboro) and Invest Collegiate Middle (Charlotte) vying for 3rd Place and the Championship Match between Sugarloaf Elementary (Hendersonville) and Eastern Wayne High (Goldsboro) deciding the League Champ.

Listen to the Round 4 edition of the rebuildup.com Podcast posted this Tuesday (2/5) for the Fall Season wrap up along with the School Line Up for the Spring Season (Feb-May).

Thanks to Bulldog Printing in Greensboro for sponsoring this month’s competition.

Learn more about the League here.

Food Growing League begins Fall Season 2018-2019

We’re excited to begin the Fall Season of the Food Growing League (FGL) this month that features 4 schools made up of 13 classes with over 280 students participating from October through January.

Cone Elementary (Greensboro), Sugarloaf Elementary (Hendersonville), Eastern Wayne High (Goldsboro), and Invest Collegiate Middle (Charlotte) will compete for the best Tendergreen, Garden Cress, Radish, and Kale microgreen harvests each month.

School and Team Rankings will be posted at the end of each month both as a video and printable infographics.

Contact us if your school wants to be a part of the upcoming Spring Season.