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VIDEO: Economy, Jr. @ Mulch Tank May 17th Sponsored by Mulch Tank

PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – On Saturday, May 17th, ages 11 on up to adults in Spartanburg, SC are welcome at the Mulch Tank to play “Economy, Jr.” where players gain insight into both sides of the economic coin by having them choose at the start of the game whether they want to play as a customer spending a month’s paycheck from their chosen career on necessities such as housing, groceries, child care, and more or as a merchant running a business needing to make enough sales to cover this month’s overhead.

Mulch Tank, the go to Business and Leadership Center in Spartanburg, is not only hosting, but also sponsoring the event with eVision Corp providing volunteer assistance.

RSVP for this free event by going to mulchtank.com

Event Image