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ReBuildUp Leagues Fall 2020 Season Begins

This fall, ReBuildUp is upgrading the Food Growing League Season to now include all three ReBuildUp Leagues: Food Growing League, GrowBuck League, and League of Solutions.

These Leagues are included in a new ReBuildUp Home Edition kit players can take home and report their results to their instructors which opens up participation to remote learning in addition to in class players.

Another upgrade is there are multiple categories for each League that can be won by participating schools with an overall winner declared the Fall 2020 Season ReBuildUp Leagues Champion.

The October through December season features Stokesdale Elementary, Northview Middle, and Leesville Road Middle returning for the new season. Thanks to the new flex format, starting in the Winter 2021 Season, additional schools can join as late as a month and a half into the season and still take part in the full Fall Season. Interested schools can contact us for details.