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Economy, Jr. @ Asheboro Library August 16th and 23rd Sponsored by Truliant Federal Credit Union

[Note: the August 30th event has been cancelled]
PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – On Saturday, August 16th and 23rd from 1:00 to 3:00pm, Asheboro Public Library will hold Economy, Jr. free for area teens sponsored by Truliant Federal Credit Union.

The goal of these events is to teach young adults about real world economics by having them play through the game as a customer spending a month’s paycheck on bills for housing, utilities, child care, groceries, and more for them and their families without going bankrupt.  The other half of participants will play as the merchants selling products and services to customers with the aim of covering their overhead costs and posting a profit.  Customers and merchants which switch roles half way through the game to experience both sides of the economic coin.

The entrepreneur support group Shift, Nussbaum Center’s Entrepreneur Group, is helping organize volunteers for the Saturday events.

Asheboro Public Library
201 Worth Street
Asheboro, NC 27203

RSVP (if you like) for the upcoming Saturday, August 23rd event below:
[Events Completed]

YES! Weekly promotes ReBuildUp Summer Events

Thank you to YES! Weekly for spreading the word about all the great events we’ll be holding this summer!

“Economic Literacy Series Open to Greensboro Teens”
by Whitney Kenerly

“Summer is all fun and games for a teen until they realize they have no idea how to balance a checkbook. With a heated national discourse around the financial struggles of post-grads squeezed by student debt and low-income jobs, the Greensboro Public Library and Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union have teamed up for an Economic Literacy Summer Series.

The series consists of programs held from June 7 to August 5 designed by ReBuildUp, a company based in Greensboro that provides resources to “inspire the current and next generation of entrepreneurs about economics and business.”

Read the rest of the article by CLICKING HERE

CLICK HERE to view a list of events we have lined up for this summer.

ARTICLE ADDENDUM: Summit Credit Union is the sponsor of the Jobs Course @ Nussbaum Center and Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union is the sponsor of the Economic Literacy Series @ Greensboro Public Library.  ReBuildUp is thankful to both of these sponsors for their generosity in making these events possible.   Thank you again YES! Weekly!