Sponsors 2017-2018

2017-2018 Sponsors

Food Growing League (FGL) Sponsors

BG-Logo-285Food Growing League Sponsors can see their image featured with their chosen school in the Competition video released in the fourth week of each month.  The Competition video plays out like a video game with schools squaring off with one another in multiple matches until all winners for the month are decided. Click here or scroll below to see the schools available for Sponsorship. Sponsors can be businesses, individuals, or anonymous. Schools can also self sponsor if they choose with their school logo shown in lieu of a sponsor.

Contact us if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for one or more classrooms, want to pay by check instead of online through PayPal, or have other requests.


BG-Logo-200As part of sponsorship, Sponsors may also receive infographics specific to their industry to post on their own website/social media with their  logo and name or chosen URL shown.  Our Health Tips, created for pediatricians and grocery stores, are an example of these industry specific infographics. We often share these infographics posted to your site on our own social media to help promote your business.

Sponsors can upload a picture or choose from available clip art to show next to their business name or short message celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, and the like. The uploaded image must be a jpeg, gif, or png. Non-square images will be rearranged to fit 225×225 pixels. For example, an 800×600 image will be scaled down and cropped to fit 225×225 pixels in the image box.

Bonus Sponsor Opportunities

BG-Logo-285We have other activities in the CFMP that occasionally require a judge with business experience or a business willing to showcase student artwork. If you’re willing to provide a gift card / gift certificate for the winners, we’d love to have you involved. These opportunities are limited for each school year. Contact us for details.


We reserve the right to reject sponsorships we find unsuitable for our school partners. Examples of this would be alcohol advertising, political materials, and other potentially controversial products or services that might distract from our program’s focus on health and entrepreneurship.

If for some reason the program does not take place, sponsors will be given the option to redirect their funds towards another school or be refunded the amount paid minus processing and transaction fees.


Food Growing League – Schools Available for Sponsorship

School names shown in the calendar for each month are available to sponsor in the Match-Up and Competition Videos.

Cone Elementary = CNE    Dillard Middle = DMS
Stokesdale Elementary = STK    Sugarloaf Elementary = SGR

Each classroom at a school is given a letter to identify them in the competition. For example, the four classes at Dillard Middle are listed as DMS-A, DMS-B, DMS-C,& DMS-D.

2017-2018 – Food Growing League Video Sponsor Openings

Contact us for sponsor details.

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