Student Jobs & Internships

2019-2020 Student Jobs & Internships Listings

[listings will be available this Fall]

ReBuildUp specializes in programs for students that help teach the soft skills of team work, project management, accounting, salesmanship, problem solving, respectful communication and more that employers and internship providers are seeking.

Starting in the Fall 2019-2020 Season, your business or organization will be able to list your Student Jobs & Internships (SJI) in the FGL Competition Videos, Scorecards, Podcast, and elsewhere on the site.

SJI’s are intended for Middle and High School Students to let them know about local opportunities in their area. We recommend letting your school’s Guidance Counselor know about this monthly resource. And while these openings aren’t available to Elementary Students, it does let 3rd-5th graders know that working hard in school can lead to greater things as they get older.

Contact us for details or fill out the form below with information about the Job or Internship you’re looking to fill using talent from a school near you. If there isn’t a participating school nearby, consider offering a Scholarship for one of our programs at a school in your area to start the connection.

ReBuildUp, LLC is a for profit company

GrowBuckReBuildUp, LLC is a for-profit company. Some of our efforts can be considered the work of non-profits, but other services are classified as for profit.

On the bright side, business sponsors can still write off sponsor fees as an advertising expense. Contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding our status.


We reserve the right to reject sponsorships we find unsuitable for our school partners like businesses/organizations selling potentially controversial products or services that might distract from our programs’ focus on health and jobs.

If for some reason the program does not take place, sponsors will be given the option to redirect their funds towards another school or be refunded in the form of a mailed check for the amount paid minus any processing fees.

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