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Pitch Drill is a fast paced introduction to business plans and pitching by having students develop and present a profitable solution for a specific problem before a panel of volunteer judges.

Pitch Drill can be held for 4-32 participants during a 45 minute classroom period requiring three volunteers (one volunteer host and two volunteer judges). Pitch Drill is the practice round before the PitchPocalypse.

Company members developing their business plan in Pitch Drill.

Company Spokesperson delivering their pitch to the judges.

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MDI-Logo-300Building on the concepts introduced in Food Bike, Million Dollar Idea is the second card game that has players take turns being a customer while the other players try to convince them to purchase their products accumulating market share in the process. Players have to reinvest the money they make wisely into new products to stay ahead in the game.CentralRC-MDI-1-475Best salesperson wins by having the most market share at the end of the game (combined money, resources, and employees).
DCCC-MDI-300-ii2-8 players can play per card deck with multiple decks used to hold a tournament. MDI teaches kids concepts like critical thinking, salesmanship, demographics, cost of goods sold, gross margins, and more.


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Cashless Incubator is a card game prequel and sequel to Million Dollar Idea that teaches players how to build their business with little or no money by trading their skills for products and resources they need to make their own products to sell to customers.

Health Is Wealth (formerly known as “food-growing-leagueFood Bike“) is a card game that teaches players WHY they need to eat healthy by having them play as merchants selling the health benefits of over 125 types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices they’ve grown (in the game) to win over customers.
FB cards
Designed as an expansion pack to Million Dollar Idea, up to four groups of 7-8 students each can play at once using a single Health Is Wealth 30 player card deck.

er-logo-ii-285Educated Risk puts students in the role of investors spending fictitious money they earn during game play on three winning startups in hopes their investments pay off.


“The better education you have, the better job & pay.
–  exit survey

See both sides of the economic coin by playing Economy, Jr. Some players start the game as Customers spending a month's paycheck from their chosen career on necessities like housing, groceries, child care, and more. The other half compete as Merchants selling these products to customers to cover daily overhead and hopefully post a profit along with filling out their business license and creating their company's logo.


The goal of Economy, Jr. is to give players (Tweens, Teens, and Adults) a preview of adult finances AND an idea of how businesses work on a day to day basis. Contact us for details and click here for upcoming events. Prices used in the game are based on national averages. There are four different formats to fit your school, library, congregation, or youth organization:

Single Period Classroom
(4-32 players / 3 volunteers / 45 minutes / 20 min. pre and post game)

Half the players play as Customers and the other half as Merchants. Pregame: Customers need to pick their careers ahead of the event. Postgame (optional): Exit surveys filled out by players at the end of the game or as a homework assignment turned in the next day.

All Day School

(300+ players / 7 volunteers / 45 minutes - 6 periods / 20 min. pre and post game)

Half the players play as Customers and the other half as Merchants. This format allows schools to hold Economy, Jr. for entire grade levels on an annual or semi-annual basis. One way is to have CTE classes play as Merchants while social studies or math classes play as Customers. This works well as an introduction to our ReBuildUp Course. Contact us for details.

Open Library Format

(4-32 players / 4 volunteers / 1 ½ hours / 20 min. postgame)

Every player plays as both Customer and Merchant. Customer careers are chosen during the game.

Traditional Version

(4-300+ / 4-48 volunteers / 45 minutes - 6 periods / 20 min. pre and post game)

All players are Customers with volunteers filling the roles of Merchants.

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