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2/21: ReBuildUp Course @ Central Library sponsored by Michael Robinson Accounting

Schools who’ve submitted full roster list (up to 3 students)
[student registration deadline is Feb. 6th]

• Ben L Smith High School
• Wesleyan Christian Academy

QUALIFIER EVENT – On Saturday, February 21st, Central Library in Downtown Greensboro will be hosting the ReBuildUp Course from 1:00-5:30pm to select the 8 finalists for the PitchPocalypse pitching contest held the following Thursday, February 26th 6-8pm also at Central Library.This event is sponsored by Michael Robinson Accounting with Shift, the Nussbaum Center’s Entrepreneur Group, helping coordinate volunteers.

The ReBuildUp Course introduces players to the fundamentals of starting their own small business.  It involves participating schools each sending up to three of their students who show an interest in entrepreneurship to play on their school’s behalf.

RT-ItemsAll four ReBuildUp games will be played: Million Dollar Idea, Economy, Jr., Pitch Drill, and The Cashless Incubator.

Contact Us for details on how your teen can participate.  Friday at 5pm, February 6th is the sign up deadline.

SPG-Logo-RT-150The ReBuildUp Course is part of ReBuildUp’s Startup Program.