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#ConeGreens students planting basil in May


Cone Elementary
students are rounding out the school year by planting basil in Bottle Growers.

Special thanks to Tessa Farm to Fork for sponsoring this year’s Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) at Cone Elementary.

Check out Tessa Farm to Fork for yourself!


Located at 3929 Battleground Avenue | Greensboro, NC 27410  336.763.1256 and online at tessagreensboro.com and facebook.com/tessafarmtofork

REMINDER: Student Grown GREENS at Tessa Farm to Fork Jan 17-22


On Tuesday evening, microgreens grown by Noble Academy students will be delivered to Tessa Farm to Fork. Swing by Tuesday through Sunday (or while supplies last) to sample these greens and support the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) between Noble and Tessa.

Tessa Farm to Fork can be found at 3929 Battleground Avenue in Greensboro.

Noble Academy begins growing greens for Tessa Farm to Fork

On Tuesday, January 3rd, students at Noble Academy kicked off the first day of school building their Portable Garden bins as part of their Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) with program sponsor Tessa Farm to Fork.

Students plan to have all bins setup by the end of the week with their first harvest and delivery of microgreens scheduled for Tuesday, January 17th.

Come out to Tessa on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 17th and Wednesday, Jan. 18th to get your fill of these student grown greens.

PICS: RHS Class harvest 5 CFPP Bins sponsored by Sonya Hamilton State Farm


1st Block students at Ragsdale High School harvested 5 bins in a single class as part of their Classroom to Food Pantry Pipeline (CFPP) with Hand to Hand Food Pantry sponsored by Sonya Hamilton State Farm.


This is a bit of feat for a class of 22 harvesting, cleaning, and reseeding the equivalent of seven 12 Bottle Portable Garden Bins (12BPG) because 4 of the 5 bins were the larger grey 18 Bottle Portable Garden Bins (18BPG) that each equal 1 1/2 12 BPG’s.


Parts of the harvest were filmed for an upcoming video to air on local television as part of a Gift of Giving Grant sponsored by the Four Seasons Town Centre.

Fall 2015 Startup Program at HPFS sponsored by Grow Foundation For Ghana

We’re wrapping up our Fall 2015 Startup Program at High Point Friends School from late October to mid-January sponsored by Grow Foundation For Ghana.

Here are some highlights as we head into the PitchPocalypse business plan pitching contest later this week.

Million Dollar Idea

Economy, Jr.

Pitch Drill

Cashless Incubator

Economy, Jr. Demo for Teachers 7/15 & 7/16

ReBuildUp-Presentation3-400x533ReBuildUp will be holding a demo for teachers of our economic literacy game Economy, Jr. on Wednesday, July 15th 6-8pm at Central Library [map] in Downtown Greensboro across from the Children’s Museum and again the next evening Thursday, July 16th 7-9pm at Vance Chavis Library [map].  Instructors on a tight schedule are welcome to pop in at their convenience.

Economy, Jr. shows students both sides of the economic coin with half of them playing as customers spending a month’s paycheck on necessities trying to avoid bankruptcy and the other half as merchants trying to sell enough to cover costs and post a profit.
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Exit surveys show participants walk away with a strong appreciation for what their parents go through, the value of education, and the importance of getting a good job before having kids.
GRIMSLEY-5th-600Economy, Jr. can be held for up to 32 students in a single class period with 3 volunteers or over 300+ students in a day with just 7 volunteers.  Contact us if you have any questions.