Economy Jr

Economy, Jr.
provides students with insight into both sides of the economic coin by having them choose at the start of the game whether they want to play as a customer spending a month’s paycheck from their chosen career on necessities such as housing, groceries, child care, and more or as a merchant selling these products to customers to cover daily overhead and hopefully post a profit.


Designed to take place in a standard 40 minute class time*,
Economy, Jr. offers the best in real world financial and business education for 4-32 participants with just 2-4 volunteers needed to run.  The 90 minute version** allows participants to play as both customer and merchant.  Prices of housing, groceries, child care, etc. in the game are based on recent national averages.

If you want your child or students to understand what you go through as an adult along with preparing them for what lies ahead, Click Here to order an Economy, Jr. Kit today for your neighborhood library, school, congregation, or youth organization.  This program also works great for adults needing to boost their budgeting skills.  If cost is an issue, Contact Us for help locating a sponsor.

When ordering, choose if you want the Economy, Jr. Kit version with participants depositing their money in a Credit Union or a Bank at the start of the game.

Click Here for a list of Economy, Jr. and related events coming up.

* 40 minute classroom version references the actual time of game play.  This requires up to 20 minutes the day before of pre-game preparation and up to 20 minutes the day after of post-game preparation for students to understand what they’ll be doing in the game.  Two volunteers will be needed for game play in addition to the instructor.   For classes with over 22 students, the game will likely take 50 minutes.

** If held at a library, the program is best scheduled for 2 full hours to accommodate the 20-30 minutes spent signing in participants.  Four volunteers will be needed for game play.

Economy, Jr. can be held for up to 200 students in a day which is ideal for events involving entire grades.  Contact Us for details.

EJ-600Merchants selling products to Customers in Economy, Jr.

Glenwood-table-IMG_0446Some of the game pieces for Economy, Jr. lined up waiting for players.


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