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Solution Network (10-21-20)


Click Here for this Week’s Solution Network update

The Solution Network is an interactive menu that connects Players with the latest opportunities offered by local businesses in their area.

This week there are three types of Showcase Space options for all schools currently in the Fall Season.

You’ll find more about how this List works when you log into your Player Account. If you don’t have a Player account, contact ReBuildUp about joining.

Food Growing League 2019-2020 Spring Season Officially Starts

The February through May Spring Season of the Food Growing League begins with eight schools from across North Carolina vying for the tallest Cherry Tomato, Basil, and Jalapeño plants.

In May, classes have the option of holding a Mother’s Day Plant Sale selling off what they’ve grown over the Spring as a School fundraiser.

This competition features two conferences made up of four schools each.

Conference PS1A consists of Cone Elementary (Greensboro), Stokesdale Elementary (Stokesdale), Pleasant Garden Elementary (Pleasant Garden), and Leesville Road Middle (Raleigh).

Conference PS1B is made up of Northview Middle (Hickory), Woodington Middle (Kinston), Oak Grove High (Winston-Salem), and DH Conley High (Greeneville).

Videos showcasing the results of Rounds 1-4 for each conference will be posted at the end of the season in late May. The winners of both conferences will be face off in a separate Championship video that decides who will be the Spring Season 2019-2020 Food Growing League Champion.

The Championship video will also share who the Plant Sale Spring Season Champion is as well.

Good Luck to all competitors and we look forward to seeing your results in May!

2019-2020 FGL Fall Season Begins!

It’s time for the Fall Season (October-January) of the Food Growing League once again. Cone Elementary, Leesville Road Middle, and Stokesdale Elementary return for the Fall Season with Northview Middle out of Hickory joining us for their first season.

Like before, Tendergreens, Gardencress, Radish, and Kale will be grown each month with the new option to put harvests into small plastic bags to give to others as pet food instead of the single large container used in previous Fall Seasons.

If your class wants to join the larger Spring Season with more schools taking part from February though May, you can sign up here.

Let the growing begin!