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MEDIA: Jamestown News spotlights Ragsdale HS CFPP sponsored by Sonya Hamilton – State Farm

In the Wednesday, October 26th edition of Jamestown News, Ragsdale High School’s 2016-2017 Classroom to Food Pantry Pipeline (CFPP) was featured.

Sponsored by Sonya Hamilton of State Farm, the CFPP was setup to benefit Parkwood Baptist Church’s Hand to Hand Food Pantry with monthly deliveries of nutritious greens grown in class by 1st & 2nd Block SciVis students.

“This year, Pendrak expanded the Classroom to Food Pantry Pipeline project to both her Science Visualization classes from just one last year. She plans to have the two classes compete against each other to see who can grow the most food based on weight. The CFPP will be providing weight data for students to use in the statistics and charting part of her SciVis curriculum.”

Read the rest of the article by clicking here or picking up a copy.



On Wednesday, April 6th, Jamestown News did a story on ReBuildUp’s Food Bike program at Ragsdale High School featuring students playing a nutritional card game, growing food in class to be delivered to nearby Renaissance Church’s Food Bank, along with a contest for the best home grown bottle lettuce.  This was made possible by sponsor Michael Robinson Accounting along with the aid of the Greater High Point Food Alliance to line up the Food Bank.

Click Here for the full article.

MEDIA: Jamestown News profiles RHS Fall 2015 Program

The first place winner of December 2015’s PitchPocalypse business plan contest for Ragsdale High School’s Fall 2015 ReBuildUp Startup Program was profiled in the January, 20th, 2016 Jamestown News. Thanks to sponsor Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union for helping make this possible.
JMSTN-RHS1Click here or the image to read the full article.

MEDIA: PitchPocalypse Winner in the Jamestown News

First place winner of May 2015’s PitchPocalypse business plan contest, Heather Pendrack, was the subject of a full article in the Jamestown News for her 3D scanning startup Pendragon 3D Arts, LLC
Here’s an excerpt:

Technology is taking Heather Pendrak from 3D modeling with clay to creating 3D replicas with a computer. The Ragsdale game art and design teacher recently won first place in ReBuildUp, LLC’s PitchPocalypse business plan contest that will help her take her idea for a 3D scanning company, Pendragon 3D Arts, several steps closer to reality... ‘Winning the contest has created interest from students in starting a business.'”

Media-Jamestownnews-p3da-400Click here or the article image to read the full story in the Jamestown News about Pendragon 3D Arts.