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Happy 9th Birthday ReBuildUp

ReBuildUp was officially launched 9 years ago in 2014. Things don’t always go as fast as you’d like, but we’re happy to report that some of the long running goals we started out with nearly a decade ago are finally getting tested out and hopefully made a widespread reality in this our ninth year.

What “widespread” means remains to be seen, but we continue to be thankful for those who gave a lot or even a little help along the way. Long running thanks are also due to Stokesdale Elementary that now participates in our ReBuildUp Leagues year round (Fall, Winter, Spring, and now Summer Seasons).

Looking forward to the possibilities!

Happy Birthday ReBuildUp

To celebrate, we’ll be launching our new and improved ReBuildUp Home & Class Kit for the Spring Season (Apr-Jun).

We’re also beginning a pilot run of a new progam to benefit local business partners starting this month.

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ReBuildUp turns 6!

ReBuildUp turns 6 today and we’d like to thank all the teachers, students, schools, sponsors, and everyone else whose helped make this possible.

Since March 1st 2014, we’ve been trying out new ideas here and there and we look forward to the coming year being the one we finally ramp things up and increase the number of schools taking part in a big way.

Thanks again to all of you who have come along for the ride.

Happy Birthday ReBuildUp Now 3 Years Old!

3 years 1200

Year 1 was spent building our Entrepreneur program followed by Year 2 where we began creating a Health program centered around inexpensive ways students can grow food to benefit food pantries.

Year 3 is when we seem to have hit our stride merging our Entrepreneur program with our Health program to create the Classroom to Food Market Pipeline (CFMP) that has gotten a great reception from schools and restaurants throughout North Carolina.

Thank you to everyone whose partnered and supported ReBuildUp, LLC over the past 3 years and we look forward to continuing our work as we grow forward.

Happy 1st Birthday ReBuildUp!

YEAR1-70-485Today, March 1st, is ReBuildUp’s 1 Year Anniversary.  In a year we’ve developed four great games played in over 37 events for over 500 participants.  Thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers who’ve helped get us this far.

Our goal for the coming year is to use our Startup Program to help launch first time entrepreneurs in a way that allows them to test drive the small business experience while minimizing their risks in the process.

Help us celebrate our Year 1 Birthday by telling an aspiring entrepreneur about our site!